Supernatural Encounter #5

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Supernatural Encounter # 5: Mother hears voice — same message (confirmed)

More recently, while perhaps not involving angel, on December 30, 1999, a mother in Maryland, Beth, told me an amazing and confirming testimony. She said, “I would like to share with you an occurrence that happened on December 10, 1999 in the a.m.

My 8-year-old was at school and my husband was at work…. I had my 6-month-old son in his swing in front of the television watching Sesame Street. What caught my attention was that the television made the ‘shhhh’ sound. I turned to look and the screen was snowy as expected with that noise.

It’s what happened next. The television completely cut off. My child was asleep. No sooner did I think, ‘Oh, the cable must have cut off,’ did I hear a voice. It said, ‘The lord is coming very, very soon.’ I was dumbfounded, and then the TV came back to normal and Sesame Street continued.”

She went on to describe her reactions and adds that it was three days later on December 13th that she came across my article about Vincent’s angel encounters with the exact same message.

“Needless to say,” she concludes, “the messages that your witnesses received were exactly as my message was. I was very shaken…. I wonder why He chose me to relay this message.”

Confirmed and written by Jim Bramlett (affiliate link) His website, where I found this information, is no longer active.