Supernatural Encounter #4

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Encounter # 4: Vincent’s fourth (confirmed):

God makes a telephone call—literally!

What is described below could have been the sovereign hand of God Himself or an angel. However, we do know that God does uses angels to carry out His work so my guess is that an angel was involved.

Also, the below incident does not involve prophecy but I am including it because the supernatural nature of it affirms the other prophetic experiences had by Vincent Tan described above.

On Saturday, April 6, 1996, Vincent was awakened at 4:30 a.m. with a burden to pray. He slipped to his knees beside his bed for a few moments, after which he returned to bed and to sleep. He arose later, and at 7 A.M. began his morning prayer time.

At 7:30, as he was still praying, the telephone rang. So as not to be disturbed, he decided to let the answering machine take the call.

For some strange reason, the answering machine refused to take the call. The telephone kept ringing, as though demanding to be picked up!

Vincent discovered that the answering machine was on, but it wasn’t taking the call. He went ahead and answer it. He also noted that, oddly, his Caller I.D. failed to show the caller’s phone number.

“Hello,” Vincent said. The other party also said, “Hello.”

Again, Vincent said, “Hello.” Again, the lady on the other end said, “Hello.” Vincent asked, “Do you want to speak to me?”

The lady said, “No.”

Vincent then asked, “Then why did you call me?” The lady said, “I didn’t call you.” Vincent explained that his phone rang, and he had answered it. The lady said the same thing happened to her. Her phone rang, and she had answered it.

Vincent told her his name, and she told him her name was Doris in Iowa. They both concluded that somehow their lines must have become crossed, causing this freak mishap.

(God had caused two distant telephones—one in Tennessee, and one in Iowa—to ring each other simultaneously, and for the loving and Divine purpose explained below.)

But in another surprise, Doris asked, “Are you the same Vincent who had an experience with an angel?”

Vincent said yes. She explained that she and her mother read his story a year ago in an article I had written.

Doris continued that six months ago, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and only given six months to live.

She said that every day for the past six months her mother had prayed that she would be able to meet or speak with Vincent before she died.

In her prayers about this, she had claimed the promises of Jeremiah 32:27, which says, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?” and Jeremiah 33:3: “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

A few years ago, Vincent had also claimed these same promises.

Doris explained that her mother was near death, and how that very morning, at 3:30 a.m., Iowa time (the same time as Vincent’s prayer at 4:30 A.M., Eastern Time) she was awake and felt led to seek the Lord and remind Him of her mother’s request. She asked if Vincent would speak with her mother, to which Vincent agreed.

(As an answer to this dying mother’s fervent, daily prayers, God had miraculously allowed her to speak with Vincent!)

Her mother was bedridden, so Doris put Vincent on the speaker-phone, which took a few moments to set up. Finally, after waiting, Vincent heard the mother’s weak but audible voice. The mother thanked Vincent for talking with her and then asked if he would please repeat for her his angel experiences.

Over the next 45 minutes, Vincent patiently described the incidents.

At the end of his description, Vincent heard the mother say weakly, “Praise the Lord. Amen.”

Silence followed. Vincent waited, thinking that Doris was taking him off the speaker.

After a few moments, Doris broke the silence and came back on the regular telephone. “Praise the Lord,” she said. “My mother just died.”

Vincent now says, “I was so overwhelmed with mixed emotions. I did not know whether to be happy or sad.”

He says he decided to say goodbye so that Doris could be with her mother.

In the shock and emotion of the moment, Vincent didn’t think to get Doris’ telephone number for follow up. But he says, “I know that the Lord has His reasons for us not getting each other’s numbers. Why He would not let her number flash on my (Caller I.D.) screen is still a mystery. Yet I am amazed at His miraculous action in ringing both our phones at the same time.

As I ponder over the event, I am grateful to the Lord for His lovingkindness. It just encouraged my faith to trust Him even more, knowing that in the fullness of His time, He will answer our prayers.”

Vincent added the following, a message I believe not just for me, but for all who read this:

“I hope that this will be an encouragement to you as it has been to me. I know that we will see Doris’ mother in heaven when we all will be able to know the answers to our questions. The Lord is coming very, very soon.

As we near the final hours, I know that His presence is even evermore with us now….May the Lord continue to bless you . . . Let us be ready now, for His coming is very, very near.”

Confirmed and written by James D Bramlett (affiliate link) Original source for this story Website is no longer active. Edited for clarity.

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