Spiritual Life Shaken

My spiritual life has been totally shaken up.
Over the past two years I’ve learned…
  • I am no longer a sinner.
  • The gospel really is good news. I never got that before because it still seemed like a bunch of condemnation and rules. Now I’ve learned that it isn’t.
  • The Holy Spirit, or God, or Jesus, or the presence doesn’t have to be coaxed to show up. He is in me and I am in Him. So what IS happening when believers get together and get whacked? And why? Is it purely soulish? Maybe it IS real until we start trying to come up with a formula to make it happen. That’s religion.
  • Serving God isn’t about getting plugged in at the local organization that calls itself church. It’s not about serving on committees or participating in all the activities and programs.
  • I’ve learned that I can heal the sick, raise the dead, and set the captives free.
  • Even if I haven’t finished an approved Bible school.
  • Even if I haven’t been ordained as a minister, or deacon, or ministry team member. And even if I am – but not because I am.
  • Even if I don’t have a tag, or a badge, or a robe, or fancy clothes, or expensive jeans  – whatever the uniform de jour.
  • Even if I’m not a part of the in crowd.
  •  I also don’t need to have an appropriate atmosphere to perform miracles.
  •  I don’t have to fast for 40 days first, memorize lots of scripture verses, or pray all night first.
  • I don’t need a ministry to cover me, license me, sanction me, or train me. (I’m not talking about true discipleship here.)
  • Jesus loves me. Really, loves me.