Romans Lesson 7 Day 5

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Romans Lesson 7 Day 5

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There are two Greek words which mean promise. Huposchesis means a promise which is entered into upon conditions. “I promise to do this if you promise to do that.” Epaggelia (Greek #1860) means a promise made out of the goodness of someone’s heart quite unconditionally. It is epaggelia (Greek #1860) that Paul uses of the promise of God. It is as if he is saying, “God is like a human father; he promises to love his children no matter what they do.” . . . It is dependent not on our merit but only on God’s own generous heart. (William Barclay)

11. Faith and grace

Faith is related to grace in the same way works is related to law. (Guzik)

“Faith is the certainty that God is indeed like that. It is staking everything on his love.

“. . . grace is always something which is unearned and undeserved. The truth is that man can never earn the love of God. He must always find his glory, not in what he can do for God, but in what God has done for him.” (William Barclay)

Abraham’s faith

—”Against the odds, Abraham’s hope grew into full-fledged faith that he would turn out to be the father of many nations” (Romans 4:18 Voice)

—(Abraham) “was supremely confident that God could deliver on His promise.” (Romans 4:21 Voice)

Abraham is the father of us all.

Abraham’s offspring include more than his physical descendants.

A mark that is evident doesn’t necessarily make one a Jew, and circumcision that is evident only in the flesh is not true. But the true Jew is Jewish on the inside—in secret places no one but God can see—and true circumcision involves the heart; it comes from the Spirit, not from some written code. The praise and reputation of that kind of Jew come from God, not from man.  (Romans 2:28-29 Voice)

12. Abraham didn’t consider the circumstances.

—His faith did not fail even though he knew how old they were.

—(Abraham’s) “faith in God’s promise did not falter.” (Romans 4:20 Voice)

Abraham’s faith grew.

—(Abraham’s) “faith grew as he gave glory to God.” (Romans 4:20 Voice)

13. My promise

God gave me a specific promise about my sons from scripture.

 Like a devoted gardener, I will pour sweet water on parched land,
        streams on hard-packed ground;
    I will pour My spirit on your children and grandchildren—
        and let My blessing flow to your descendants.
    And they will sprout among the grasses, grow vibrant and tall
        like the willow trees lining a riverbank.
    One will call out: “I belong to the Eternal.”
        Another will say, “Jacob is my people; Israel my honored name.”
    Yet others will write “Property of the Eternal” on their hands.

The Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies,
    King of Israel, who paid their ransom, has this to say:

Eternal One: I am at the beginning and will be at the end.
        There is no God except for Me. (Isaiah 44:3-6 Voice)

As children, all three professed their faith in God through Jesus and loved the Lord. As of today, only one remains faithful.

However, I know and trust that God is faithful to keep His promise.

Day 6

I’m even more grateful than ever for God’s amazingly extravagant love and His amazingly extravagant grace.

The Rabbis were so in love with their theory of works that they insisted that it was because of his works that Abraham was chosen, although it meant that they had to argue that he knew the law by anticipation, since it had not yet come.

Here, again, we have the root cleavage between Jewish legalism and Christian faith. The basic thought of the Jews was that a man must earn God’s favour. The basic thought of Christianity is that all a man can do is to take God at his word and stake everything on the faith that his promises are true. Paul’s argument was–and he was unanswerably right–that Abraham entered into a right relationship with God, not because he did all kinds of legal works, but because he cast himself, just as he was, on God’s promise.

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MY answers — not THE answers — to BSF study questions on Romans Lesson 7 Day 5 & 6 ~ Romans 4:16-25