Romans Lesson 27 Day 4

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10. Welcome and receive [to your hearts] one another (AMPC)

The key word is receive (Greek proslambano), which means to take to oneself. Its root indicates strong action toward us–that in Christ, God literally came to us and took hold of us while we were still sinners (5:8). By that act of acceptance, He released the grace of God and set in motion the powers of redemption. (Note on vs 7 Spirit-Filled Life Bible)

God makes no distinctions between one man and another (Acts 10:34 Weymouth New Testament)

Christ did not receive us because we were perfect, because he could see no fault in us, or because he hoped to gain somewhat at our hands. Ah, no! But, in loving condescension covering our faults, and seeking our good, he welcomed us to his heart; so, in the same way, and with the same purpose, let us receive one another. Spurgeon

11. Romans 15:9-12

In verse 9, Paul quotes Psalm 18:49 & 2 Samuel 22:50.

In verse 10, Paul quotes Deuteronomy 32:43.

In verse 11, Paul quotes Psalm 117:1

In verse 12, Paul quotes Isaiah 11:1,10.

God intends that the Gentiles praise Him.

Paul quotes a series of passages from the Old Testament demonstrating that God intends that the Gentiles praise Him. (Guzik)

12. a. God always intended that all nations would come together and worship him.

Instead of dividing over disputable matters, Jews and Gentiles should unite in Jesus over the common ground of praise. (Guzik)

Isaiah 2:3; Micah 4:2; Isaiah 60:3

b. What I’ve learned.

Since I don’t have it all figured out, I shouldn’t look down on anyone else. We are all on this journey together.

And we are equipped to live in this common bond of unity God calls us to. (Guzik)

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MY answers — not THE answers — to BSF study questions on Romans Lesson 27 Day 4 ~ Romans 15:7-13