Romans Lesson 19 Day 2

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Romans Lesson 19 Day 2

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3. God has not excluded the Jewish people.

  • But the Jewish people aren’t favored above the Gentiles.
  • Paul, an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, holds himself up as living proof that not all Jews rejected the gospel.
  • Paul compares the current state of the Jewish nation to the time of Elijah when 7,000 true worshippers remained.
  • Since it’s by grace and not by works, God has the right to choose a remnant.

Paul can relate to Elijah’s feeling of despair and clings to God’s reassurance of a remnant. I love the following summary of God consistently gathering the remnant of Israel.

Prophet after prophet came to see this. Amos (Amos 9:8-10) thought of God sifting men as corn is in a sieve until only the good are left. Micah (Micah 2:12Micah 5:3) had a vision of God gathering the remnant of Israel. Zephaniah (Zephaniah 3:12-13) had the same idea. Jeremiah foresaw the remnant being gathered from all the countries throughout which they had been scattered (Jeremiah 23:3). Ezekiel, the individualist, was convinced that a man could not be saved by either a national or an inherited righteousness; the righteous would deliver their own souls by their righteousness (Ezekiel 14:14Ezekiel 14:20Ezekiel 14:22). Above all, this idea dominated the thought of Isaiah. He called his son Shear-Jashub, which means The Salvation of the Remnant. Again and again he returns to this idea of the faithful remnant who will be saved by God (Isaiah 7:3Isaiah 8:2Isaiah 8:18Isaiah 9:12Isaiah 6:9-13). (William Barclay’s Daily Study Bible)

4. The remnant, Romans 11:5

  • A fiercely loyal minority holding on because they’re convinced of God’s grace and purpose in choosing them.  — MSG
  • A small believing minority selected (chosen) by grace (by God’s unmerited favor and graciousness). — AMP

God preserves a remnant, chosen by grace.

“In every generation, God makes sure a few survive the onslaught of judgment. The prophets call these the “remnant.” (Voice, note following Romans 11:6)

5. Chosen by grace

“Grace is central in God’s action here, and it has nothing to do with deeds prescribed by the law. If it did, grace would not be grace.” (Romans 11:6 Voice)

Election is a difficult concept.

“The elect among Israel received and responded to the mercy of God but the rest were hardened by their rejection.” (Guzik, emphasis added)

Individuals are saved one by one, not as a family, a race, or a nation. It’s always been that way.

Morris calls a spirit of stupor “an attitude of deadness towards spiritual things.”

“The idea is that men are sitting feasting comfortably at their banquet, and their very sense of safety has become their ruin. They are so secure in the fancied safety that the enemy can come upon them unaware” (Barclay). The Jews of Paul’s day were so secure in their idea of being the chosen people that the very idea became the thing that ruined them. (via Guzik)

This “election of grace” is not talking about God predestinating some to salvation and some to damnation. God chooses those who choose grace. But His grace is open to all (Titus 2:11). All we have to do to enter into His grace is believe (Romans 5:2). (Andrew Wommack)

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