Romans Lesson 15 Day 4

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Romans Lesson 15 Day 4

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9. Verses 31-35 from the Voice translation–

Paul asks what I call teacher questions to prompt the readers to think about and draw conclusions based on the preceding part of his letter. It also reminds me of the questions in the book of Job.

Paul defiantly and triumphantly raises five unanswerable questions designed to give believers a profound assurance of spiritual security. (Footnote on this passage in Spirit-Filled Life Bible)

  • So what should we say about all of this?
  • If God is on our side, then tell me: whom should we fear? 
  • If He did not spare His own Son, but handed Him over on our account, then don’t you think that He will graciously give us all things with Him? 
  • Can anyone be so bold as to level a charge against God’s chosen? Especially since God’s “not guilty” verdict is already declared. 
  • Who has the authority to condemn? 
  • So who can separate us?
  • What can come between us and the love of God’s Anointed? 
  • Can troubles, hardships, persecution, hunger, poverty, danger, or even death? 

Paul answers his own questions–

  • Jesus the Anointed who died, but more importantly, conquered death when He was raised to sit at the right hand of God where He pleads on our behalf.
  • (Implied answer) — absolutely nothing can separate us.

Here’s my take on it–

God proved his love by sending Jesus to make a way for us to be right with him. So he won’t allow anything to separate us from himself.

10. If God is on our side, then tell me: whom should we fear? 

Although I’ve never been shipwrecked, beaten and left for dead, thrown in a dungeon, or nearly starved, I still fear the threat of struggles, hardships, etc.

When I read “nothing can separate us” I have to admit, I’ve heard that phrase in more of a poetic than literal sense. Even though he promised to never leave me, when I face trying circumstances, I often feel like I’m alone, probably because I’m not actively trusting him and worshiping him the way Paul did when he was in a dark dungeon.

Nothing can come between us!

Nothing includes everything. God knows what nothing is. “All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. John 1:3 RSV”

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MY answers — not THE answers — to BSF study questions on Romans Lesson 15 Day 4 ~ Romans 8:31-35