Romans Lesson 12 Day 3

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Romans Lesson 12 Day 3

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6. “. . .the law is holy; and its commandments are holy, right, and good.” (Romans 7:12 Voice)

The law shows us what sin looks like.

From it, we learn that desiring something that belongs to our neighbor is wrong. The law says, “Do not covet.”

However, sin took advantage of the commandment.

Sin took advantage of the commandment to create a constant stream of greed and desire within me; I began to want everything. You see, apart from the law, sin lies dormant. (Romans 7:8 Voice)

The law brings sin to life.

“sin, devilish stuff that it is, . . . used what was good to bring about my condemnation. So you can see how cunning and deadly and damnable it is. For it uses God’s good laws for its own evil purposes.” (Romans 7:13 TLB)

7. It’s the nature of sin to produce death.

The saga of David and Bathsheba clearly demonstrates the deceptive and destructive nature of sin.

First, David yielded to the temptation to stay behind when it was time to go to war. When Samuel anointed him as king, his main duty was to lead the army into battle. But this year, David stayed in Jerusalem.

After sleeping all day, he got up and went for a walk on the roof. That’s when he saw Bathsheba. Bathing.

We don’t know how long David thought about her before he sent someone to ask about her. While he waited, lust clouded his judgment.

Even after David learned she was a married woman, he committed adultery.

When he found out she was pregnant with their child, fear drove him into action. He had to plan a coverup.

David’s assumed Uriah would sleep with his wife. But he didn’t even after David got him drunk. The anxiety mounted. Next, David murdered Uriah the Hittite “with the sword of the Ammonites.” (2 Samuel 12:9)

God sent Nathan the prophet to confront David about his sin and told him the baby would die.

David repented and spent seven days on the floor, refusing to eat until he learned of the baby’s death. (Intense remorse and mourning.)

The consequences of David’s sin affected his entire family for years to come.

Eliam was the son of Ahithophel, David’s counselor (2 Samuel 23:34). That made Ahithophel Bathsheba’s grandfather and provided Ahithophel with a motive for the treason he plotted with Absalom against David (2 Samuel 15:12). David should have seen a big red flag when he found out this was the granddaughter of one of his staff members, but then again, he should have been against adultery in the first place. Sin isn’t smart. It’s emotional (James 1:15). David wasn’t using his brain. (Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary.)

It’s so important to walk in the Spirit so I recognize every temptation. Sin produces an emotional and consequential snowball effect until it’s out of control. The devil knows our weakness and exploits them at every opportunity.

When a person is carried away with desire, lured by lust, and when desire becomes the focus and takes control, it gives birth to sin. When sin becomes fully grown, it produces death. (James 1:14-15 Voice)

How many times have I justified a seemingly trivial action to gratify some fleshly “need”? (That’s a rhetorical question because I really don’t want to know. I just want it to stop.)

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MY answers — not THE answers — to BSF study questions on Romans Lesson 12 Day 3 ~ Romans 7:7-13