Romans Lesson 1 Day 3

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Romans Lesson 1 Day 3

My answers to BSF study questions

Scriptures for this lesson


Paul addresses the recipients of his letter, “To all those who are God’s beloved saints in Rome:” (Romans 1:7 Voice)

“You notice that the words ‘to be’ are put in by the translators; but though they are supplied, they are not really necessary to the sense. These believers in Rome were ‘called saints.’ They were not called because they were saints; but they became saints through that calling.” (Spurgeon)

Paul “combines the Greek greeting of grace with the Jewish greeting of peace.” This grace and peace is not the kind wish of a man; they are gifts, coming from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Guzik)

6. Paul thanks God for the beloved saints in Rome.

He is thankful for the reports he has heard about their faith which has spread all over the world.

“They are joined by faith as family” (Voice)

“People everywhere keep telling me about your lives of faith” MSG

7. Paul served God with his whole heart and held the saints in his heart.

a. Paul prayed for the believers continually.

Every time Paul heard the good reports and every time he thought of them which was often continually, he prayed for them.

Paul held all the Ekklesia in his heart and prayed for them.

He served God with his whole heart. It wasn’t just a 9 to 5 job.

Paul desperately desired to visit the believers in Rome whom he had never met, although he did know of some by name. The believers in Rome may have 

God answered Paul’s prayer.

b. Paul’s sets an example for how we should pray for our own sphere of influence.

  • Those who follow this website — I set up a group on Facebook. I also have a Facebook page, but since that’s open to the public, it’s less engaging than I’d like. Please share prayer requests, questions, or comments about the lessons. I hope the group will feel like it’s a safe place to share, learn, grow, and encourage.
  • A sister in Christ who has an online ministry—We support and pray for each other about our day to day needs and challenges. We regularly share relevant scripture, teachings, or personal experiences as encouragement.
  • My family: My husband, sons, their wives, my grandchildren, my Dad, and all future generations
  • My neighbors—If I love them, I will hold them in my heart and care about their concerns.
  • My leaders in local, state, and national government (Although not a part of Paul’s prayer in Romans, he did advise Timothy to teach this.) See 1 Timothy 2:2
  • Watch, listen, pray into what I see the Father doing, being obedient as He directs my path.
  • Pay attention to the desires and passions of my own heart. As I draw closer to His heart, my desires and passions will line up with His. There is no doubt Paul knew his calling. God put the desire in his heart to visit the believers in Rome.


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