Revelation Lesson 8 Day 5 Daniel 7

Daniel 7

11.  a.  Daniel 7: 9-14  

Daniel had a vivid nightmare about four monsters.

Then he saw a courtroom set up.  Thrones are set in place.

God, the Ancient of Days (symbolic of wisdom, great age, and  sat down on a throne made of fiery flames. It had flaming wheels.

A river of fire flowed out of the throne.

A thousand thousands attended Him.

100 million stood before Him.

The court is called into session and the books are opened.

The little arrogant horn is running his mouth. (horns sometimes symbolize royal dignity and power — Smith’s Bible Dictionary)

That little monster is killed and burned up in a roaring fire. The other animals lost their power to rule and didn’t live long after that.

The Son of Man arrived in the clouds. Jesus applied this verse to Himself in Matthew 24:30. He is presented to God. He is given power and authority Matthew 28:18

b. The Ancient of Days in the courtroom of heaven

There are many courtroom scenes and references to the courtroom of heaven in the Bible. Satan went there before God to accuse our brothers day and night until Christ received all authority over him and established the kingdom of God. Revelation 12:10

He is preparing to give judgment. The only details about the proceedings —

The horn was speaking arrogant words.

12.  Daniel 7: 15-27 God holds dominion over all kingdoms.

The sheer magnitude of this glimpse into God’s kingdom simultaneously overwhelms me with hope and shakes me to my core. Just when I think I’m beginning to grasp the significance of His kingdom, I realize I hardly have a clue.

Even on the surface, the monsters sound disturbing. As with most nightmares, Daniel experienced or felt it as well as seeing it.

The epic grandeur of God seated on a flaming throne surrounded by His myriad of angelic attendants is enough to emotionally overwhelm anyone.

The beast’s destruction compels me to rejoice. Our God reigns in power and authority. He executes justice on behalf of all creation.

The courtroom scene could be the time following Jesus’ victory over death, hell and the grave.

Shortly after His resurrection, He saw Mary in the garden and said, “go and tell the others.”

Perhaps He then went to heaven where Satan’s reign comes to an end. He no longer has authority.

Jesus has ALL authority from that moment on. It makes more sense to me that the four kings in this dream were the same kings in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream —

The traditional view of the four animals or beasts

  1. the Babylonian Empire
  2. the Medo-Persian Empire
  3. the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great
  4. the Roman Empire (The temple and all Jewish genealogical records are destroyed. Christ-followers and unbelieving Jews dispersed throughout the known world to escape persecution.)
  5. The Kingdom of God — Jesus becomes King of the Jews and the entire world.

The world longs to see the sons of God who know our authority, have God’s wisdom to solve problems, embody God’s love—in short, manifest God’s kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus fed thousands with insignificant resources.

  • He expected the disciples to feed them, not suggest it was impossible.
  • He expected the disciples to drive out every evil spirit they encountered. Mark 9:28
  • He expected the disciples to calm the storm—not panic.
  • He expected them to serve each other, make disciples, and feed His sheep, not compete for positions and titles.
  • He expected us to make Him famous, not ourselves.

Regardless of the beast’s identity in Daniel 7, I believe God expects us to rule and reign right here, right now. We should not cower in fear, or huddle together in a hurry to get out of here.

This world is our home, created for man to subdue. Jesus brought His Kingdom to this world.

I have not arrived. But I have left the building.

Day 6 Review of Daniel 1-2, 6-7

I’m so in awe of Daniel’s life and devotion to God. I remember artists’ illustrations of Daniel in the den of lions. He was always depicted as a young man.  Now I learn, that’s not true. By the time Darius was king, Daniel was an old man.

His devotion to God throughout a long life in a frequently hostile pagan environment astounds me.

He always began each conversation with a king by blessing him. He blessed his enemies.

His visions, dreams, intelligence, wisdom and relationship with God inspire me. I want that!


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