Revelation Lesson 24 Day 2 Hallelujah

Revelation Lesson 24 Day 2—Hallelujah

Revelation 19:1-5

3.  Rev 19:1 The phrase“belong to our God”

I discovered a couple of interesting details about this phrase: 

  • According to Strong’s, the phrase “belongs to” isn’t in the Greek text at all. Most versions use that same phase in their translation of a similar song in Rev 7:12.
  • Also, in both verses (Rev 19:1 and Rev 7:12) the original Greek word translated as our is actually the personal pronoun for “I, me, my”.

Since in both verses, a multitude sings or recites the song together, I assume the translators chose the plural pronoun our instead of the singular pronoun my. It seems inappropriate (to me) since plural pronouns existed in Ancient Greek

Even Wuest, a renowned Greek scholar, adds “belongs to our”.  So who am I to take issue with it?

But consider a song like “I Exalt Thee”.  We still sing that song together in a large gathering without changing the lyrics to “We Exalt Thee”. 

If the pronoun my conveys the correct intention, what John heard was a multitude of souls praising God in one accord.

Enough rambling.

My summary—

Without adding ‘belongs to’ to the Greek text, I think Rev 19:1 is saying that our Almighty God is synonymous with those attributes. That’s what He is and who He is. Only God is the true definition of those attributes.

Salvation, glory and power originate and radiate in Him and through Him and by Him and for Him. (Rom 11:36)

4. The multitude’s Hallelujah proclamation—

Salvation (deliverance, preservation, safety, salvation) See Strong’s #4991

Glory (splendor, majesty) See Strong’s #1391

Power (especially miraculous, dominion, might) See Strong’s #1411

Interesting, the heading for this passage in the Amplified version is The Fourfold Hallelujah. The heading in the NIV is The Threefold Hallelujah.

I need, want, and highly prize all three virtues.

Salvation—I am redeemed, forgiven, set free from bondage.

Glory— “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

I’ve felt His glory and seen it in a limited way in visions. Indescribable.

Power—Why would I pray, if God didn’t possess the power to work miracles and call armies of angels?

5. A. The saints rejoice with worship.

The saints rejoice because the great, ungodly city of Babylon has been judged and thrown down violently– completely destroyed! (See Revelation 18:21)

B. Heavenly worship 101

Why we worship God –

–His awesome attributes

–His mighty works, especially those on our behalf

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