Revelation Lesson 2 Day 4 God

6. God

God the Father is–

  • worshiped continually by various beings and elders around the throne.
  • creator of all things.
  • worthy to receive glory and honor and power. He created all for His pleasure.  Revelation 4:8-11
  • The tree of life is in God’s paradise. Revelation 2:7

God the Son is–

  • Jesus our Redeemer, the Lamb who was slaughtered for every tribe and language and people and nation to make us a kingdom of priests. Revelation 5:9-12
  • Jesus, the Son of God, is the spirit (the…vital principle, according to one definition in Strong’s concordance) of prophecy. Revelation 19:10
  • Jesus, the Son of God, is the church body’s Bridegroom and the water of life. His invitation is addressed to Anyone who is thirsty. Revelation 21:6, That water will “become a fresh, bubbling spring within them.” NLT John 4:14, John 7:37-39

God the Holy Spirit is–

  • the “wind words” (MSG) that blow through churches. “Anyone” (HCSB and NLT) who will  in the church body should listen for what the Spirit says. Not just a pastor. Revelation 2:7
  •  The Spirit of God and the Bride/Body of Christ join together to say, “Come!” Revelation 22:17

7. a. About worship :-)

God is worthy to receive unending glory and honor and power.

God created us for relationship with Him. Not just for our pleasure, but for His pleasure. He is pleased with us. He craved our worship and friendship so much, He created us for that purpose.

He loves us so much, He willingly sent His only Son, the Son He dearly loved, to be slaughtered for the blood required to make us a 100% pure bride.

As the bride of Christ, we are one with Him and He is one with us. Together, as one voice, we are evangelists calling out to anyone willing to stop long enough to hear us say,

Come and drink water that’s alive.

Jesus satisfies that thirst that seems unquenchable.

B. When God created the marriage relationship,

He intended it as a metaphor for the Son of God’s relationship with the Church.

To me, this describes the intimate relationship Jesus desires to have with us. Not in a carnal way, but a deep spiritual relationship. Oneness.

We know our spouse or friend, or we think we do, but only to the degree they are vulnerable and open with us.

Trust creates a safe place for openness and vulnerability in a marriage or any relationship.

Maybe that’s true worship. Being vulnerable. Open. Honest.

Do I truly trust Him? Or do I stay at arms’ length because of those times I feel abandoned?

Only when I become vulnerable–to recognize and admit my own selfishness and weakness–can I see how Holy and worthy of my love and praise He is.


Photo Credit Road Prong Cascades with Revelation 22:17 John Britt cc

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