Revelation Lesson 14 Day 4 Fifth & Sixth Trumpets

Revelation 9:1-21

9.  Fifth & sixth trumpets

The judgments initiated by the fifth & sixth trumpets targeted people. The first five months, the people were tortured.

The judgments initiated by the first four trumpets destroyed the ecology in the targeted area. One-third of the vegetation, sea, fresh water and sky were ruined. The destruction caused people to die indirectly, not directly.

10.  a.  Fifth trumpet

The locusts were not allowed to harm the people with the seal of God on their foreheads.

So far in the Book of Revelation, the only people given the seal of God are in Revelation 7:4-8. God sealed 144,000 from the tribes of Israel.

b.  Unlike typical locusts, these did not eat plants.

For five months, the locusts were allowed to torment but not kill anyone without the seal of God on their foreheads.

This question asks about unbelievers. The only ones protected from the locusts mentioned so far are from the tribes of Israel. I wonder, is this about the judgment on Jerusalem? The believers in Jerusalem were Jewish. God made sure they escaped before Jerusalem was destroyed by famine, fire, arrows (some were poison- scorpions?), plagues that spread because of all the dead bodies, falling to their death from towers that fell, etc.

And the siege that eventually destroyed Jerusalem took five months, the same as the time period prophesied in verse 5.

The walls of the city being now completely in possession of the Romans, they hoisted their colours upon the towers, and burst forth into the most triumphant acclamations. After this, all annoyance from the Jews being at an end, the soldiers gave an unbridled license to their fury against the inhabitants. They first plundered, and then set fire to the houses. They ranged through the streets with drawn swords in their hands, murdering every Jew whom they met, without distinction ; till at length, the bodies of the dead choked up all the alleys and narrow passes while their blood literally flowed down the channels of the city in streams. As it drew towards evening, the soldiers exchanged the sword for the torch, and, amidst the darkness of this awful night, set fire to the remaining divisions of the place. The vial of divine wrath, which had been so long pouring out upon this devoted city was now emptying, and JERUSALEM, once “a praise in all the earth,” and the subject of a thousand prophecies, deprived of’ the staff of life, wrapt in flames, and bleeding on every side sunk into utter ruin and desolation. This memorable siege terminated on the eighth day of the ninth month, A. D. 70 : its duration was nearly five months, the Romans having invested the city on the fourteenth day of the fourth month, preceeding. Destruction of Jerusalem by George Holford

11.  Idolatry — Revelation 9:20-21

  • Worship demons–Demons are involved in tempting us to prioritize something else over God.
  • Worship of idols made of gold, silver, bronze, stone, and wood–Buddha statues in many homes and gardens, Buddhism is popular with many educated and wealthy like the late Steve Jobs
  • Murder–abortion, gangs, drug trafficing, race riots
  • Witchcraft–New Age, Wiccan, Satan worship, fascination with zombies and vampires
  • Sexual immorality–pornography addictions, multiple sex partners before marriage, homosexuality
  • Theft–identity theft, cars, televisions, scams


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