Psalm of Brokenness

Lord, I’m a mess.

I don’t know what you want with me.

I worked hard and prayed hard,

All for naught, it seems.

My strength has drained out.

Like a tub with the plug pulled.

Like the cove at low tide.

All that’s left of me is mud.

The birds walk on me looking for food.

No beauty remains when the water is gone.

This is the real essence of me.

It isn’t pretty.

It is nothing to be desired.

My only desire is for You.

The mud is beginning to parch

Like the desert in the sun.

Cracks are forming.

Will I fall apart?

Will I recover from this hopelessness?

You, O Lord, are my only hope.

You are my only source of strength.

You are my only source of water.

Flood my soul with rivers of water

From Your throne of grace.

Fill my cup!

No, forget the cup;

I want to float in the river of Your presence!

I want to go wherever it carries me.

I am so parched, I feel like dried up bones.

Restore me, Resurrect me, Refresh me,

Only then will I be refreshed.

*Written at the lowest point in my life.