Prophetic Dream of Outpouring of Glory

In the dream, I was standing near the back of our church. All of the seats were filled.

Everyone listened intently as an African American woman sitting on the front row described the glory she experienced in a past move of God. The woman seemed to be in her fifties, but the move of God she described sounded more like accounts of the Azuza Street Revival. (Although I don’t recall the exact details, in the dream I was thinking that it did not sound like the Jesus movement or the early days of the charismatic movement.)

A number of people – mostly men – stood facing her off to her right. I had a sense that they were great evangelists. Some of their suits seemed a bit antiquated.* I did recognize one of the men as my pastor’s father. He looked at least twenty years younger than he does today.

As the woman finished speaking, the glory of God fell as she had just described. Someone exclaimed, “That’s exactly what it was like back then!”

At that point, one of the men off to the right began to fade out. At first I thought it meant he died. Suddenly I realized that most, if not all, of the people I saw were from past generations.

*This dream is still vivid to me. It is as if I can replay the imagery in my mind. I wish I could replay the audio!