Promised Land Lesson 21 Day 5

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My Answers to BSF Bible Study questions for People of the Promised Land Lesson 21 Day 5

 2 Samuel 16:15-18:33

12. By following Ahithophel’s advice, Absalom fulfilled Nathan’s prophecy.

I wondered why David left the concubines behind. Did he forget about the prophecy or did he think Nathan meant it only applied to his wives?

This evil adversity—Absalom and Amnon—did rise up out of David’s own house.

I also wonder if Ahithophel knew about the prophecy. And did God give him the prophecy or did an evil spirit hear about it and speak through Ahithophel? Either way, the prophecy is fulfilled when Absalom follows the advice.

13. God answered David’s prayer to confuse Ahithophel’s advice.

Ahithophel still gave good advice. He was the smartest man in Israel.

Ahithophel’s plan was smart. It was bold and had a high probability of success and it would spare Israel a protracted civil war between the supporters of David and the supporters of Absalom. (David Guzik)

Hushai had to think fast to give advice to counter Ahithophel’s wise plan.

In Hushai’s plan, Absalom would lead a huge army, so it appealed to his ego.

This is one of the great principles of life which every page of the Bible emphasizes and illustrates. Men cannot escape God. They go their own way, but that way never sets them free from the authority and the invincible power of God. (Morgan via Enduring Word)

When Ahithophel learned that Absalom did not take his advice, he went home, put his affairs in order, and hung himself.

14. David was grief-stricken over the death of Absalom.

David wished he could have died in place of his son. He loved his son that much despite Absalom’s rebellion and wicked deeds.

This surely had a deeper note in it than that of the merely half-conscious repetition of words occasioned by personal grief. The father recognized how much he was responsible for the son. It is as though he had said: He is indeed my son, his weaknesses are my weaknesses, his passions are my passions, his sins are my sins.” (Morgan via Enduring Word)

Would I had died instead of you, O Absalom, my son, my son! 2 Samuel 18:33 ESV

So in the cry of David, we actually hear the cry of God, for His lost children. His desire to restore, His desire to forgive. (Smith)


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