Promised Land Lesson 21 Day 3

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These are my Answers to BSF Bible Study questions for People of the Promised Land Lesson 21 Day 3


2 Samuel 14-15:12

6. David got angry but did not act.

He didn’t protect or console Tamar. Neither did he confront or correct Amnon. He just stayed out of it.

Absalom got angry, too. But because David did not take action, Absalom eventually took matters into his own hands.

Two years later, he invited all the king’s sons to an event. When Amnon was ‘relaxed and vulnerable’* from drinking wine, Absalom gave his servants the order to kill Amnon. (Guzik)

Absalom played it cool. His devious nature set the stage for future revenge. “Nothing is more unsafe to be trusted, than the fair looks of a festered heart.” (Trapp)

Absalom involved David by asking permission to invite all of his brothers just as Amnon made David partly responsible for creating the opportunity.

7. Absalom’s evil plot.

absalom stole the hearts of the people of Israel.

Absalom carried out a secret and well-planned plot to overthrow his father and become the king of Israel.

Absalom sensed that people liked the idea of a king who made an impressive display of pomp and circumstance. So he took to riding in a horse-drawn chariot, with fifty men running in front of him. 2 Samuel 15:1 MSG

He also charmed the people who came into the city hoping for justice. He hugged them and kissed them.

He also ran a smear campaign against David and promised he would handle their case differently saying, Oh that I were judge in the land! Then every man with a dispute or cause might come to me, and I would give him justice. 2 Samuel 15:4 ESV

When someone bowed down to him, he put out his hand, took hold of them and kissed them. Some translations say he embraced them.

After four years of this, Absalom had loyal followers throughout Israel.

8. Dealing with conflict.

When making decisions, I’m usually thinking about how I can make everyone else happy, often at my expense.

I don’t deal with conflict well. Sadly, I worry and get anxious. When I ask God for wisdom, I think my fear and worry drown out what he is saying. Worry means I’m imagining all the many ways the encounter could go wrong and lead to the wrong outcome.

Conflict avoidance is a method of reacting to conflict, which attempts to avoid directly confronting the issue at hand. Methods of doing this can include changing the subject, putting off a discussion until later, or simply not bringing up the subject of contention. Wikipedia

As I did a Google search about this topic, I realized confrontation is a fear I can overcome and a skill I can learn.

From Psychology Today

  1. Identify the problems with being a pushover. …
  2. List what you might gain by speaking up. …
  3. Reconsider your assumptions about confrontation. …
  4. Address one issue at a time. …
  5. Stick to “I” statements and work on staying calm. …
  6. Keep practicing one small step at a time.


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