Promised Land Lesson 19 Day 5

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These are my Answers to BSF Bible Study questions for People of the Promised Land Lesson


2 Samuel 10; Psalm 60

13. David’s show of kindness started a war.

Certainly an extreme example, but doesn’t that happen more often than we’d suspect?

Did the former king not interact with his son, teaching him about who was trustworthy? He asked his advisors who were way off base.

David Guzik of Enduring Word Commentary says this—

It’s hard to explain why these advisers to Hanun said this to the king of Ammon. It’s possible that they genuinely suspected David, or they perhaps used this as a way to appear wise and cunning to King Hanun. It is common for liars to always suspect others of lying.

Here’s an interesting historical explanation of why Israel considered Hunan’s insult so disgraceful—

This was a disgraceful insult to these ambassadors from Israel. In that culture, many men would rather die than to have their beard shaved off. This was because a clean-shaven face was the mark of a slave and free men wore beards.

To cut off their garments in the middle was also an obvious insult and humiliation. “That the shame of their nakedness might appear, and especially that of their circumcision, so derided by the heathen.” (Trapp) (Guzik)

14. May the Lord do what is good in his sight.

Joab wisely prepared for the battle to the best of his ability and worked hard for the victory. At the same time, he knew that the outcome was ultimately in God’s hands. (Guzik)

Facing challenges

I have an extended family member who sometimes overreacts with me. Sometimes it feels like I started a war. My attempts to act wisely don’t usually work out.

It’s probably best not to take this analogy too far. I don’t have access to an army of mighty men, and I’m certainly not going to wage an attack.

But I can leave it in God’s hands. He has legions of angels at his command.

I’d do well to keep my mouth shut unless I’m sure God gives me a word of wisdom that will restore peace.

15. Psalm 60

David couldn’t have prayed this if he didn’t personally go to war.

He tried to leave the battle in Joab’s hands at first.

Sadly, in 2 Samuel 11, when David stays home instead of going to war, he gets into deep trouble.

That’s what I learn from this. Did David ask the Lord before he sent his condolences? Perhaps he did and God wanted to give him this victory.

Or perhaps God was merciful.

Jesus only did what he saw the father doing. (John 5:19-20)

I want the ability to hear and see. And the resolve to obey.

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