Promised Land Lesson 19 Day 3

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These are my Answers to BSF Bible Study questions for People of the Promised Land Lesson


2 Samuel 9

7. David asked, “Is anyone in Saul’s family still alive?”

David’s desired to build a house for the Ark because of his love for God. His desire to find a descendant of Saul was because of his love for a person — Jonathan.

David and Jonathan made a covenant.

And if I die, keep the covenant friendship with my family—forever. And when God finally rids the earth of David’s enemies, stay loyal to Jonathan! 1 Samuel 20:15 MSG)

Jonathan fulfilled his part of the covenant.

He did die, and God rid the earth of David’s enemies.

Now it was David’s turn to keep his part of the covenant by showing kindness to anyone left in Saul’s family.

David’s virtues

  • love
  • goodness
  • compassion
  • mercy
  • forgiveness
  • honor
  • generosity

8. David’s promises to Saul’s family—

  • I intend to treat you kindly for the sake of your father, Jonathan.
  • I will return to you all the territory that belonged to your grandfather Saul.
  • You will always be welcome at my table.
  • All who lived in the house of Ziba became Mephibosheth’s servants and worked for him.  (All excerpts are from 2 Samuel 9 the Voice translation.)

9. Helping the least of these

One of our favorite ministry/charities is a small local organization that operates three houses to provide a residence for ex-offenders who became believers before the release from prison.

The ministry helps with the challenging transition back into society.

They work with local businesses to help them find jobs, drive them to and from work and church, help reunite them with their families, and provide counseling and guidance.

The testimonies in their monthly newsletters are astounding.

We also help our elderly and handicapped neighbors with some tasks that they can’t do themselves.


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