Promised Land Lesson 13 Day 3

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These are my Answers to BSF Bible Study questions for People of the Promised Land Lesson 13 Day 3


1 Samuel 22

Psalm 52

Saul did not turn to God. Instead, he used his own position of power and authority just like the kings of heathen nations.

Enraged, he intimidated the priest and his officers, hinted at the offer of financial rewards, and favoritism for their loyalty.

The fear of God seems far from his mind. Even when the priest speaks up in David’s defense, Saul’s heart continues to seethe with jealousy and the desire to kill David.

Saul believed a lie that Jonathan and David conspired to kill him. In fact, he believes everyone wants him dead.

Then Saul does the unthinkable — He orders the murder of ALL the priests and their families.

What a contrast between David and Saul.

David ran to God and the priest for refuge, and he never planned the death of his mortal enemy. He remained humble, followed advice, and gathered his family around him, waiting patiently for God to act.

He spoke like a true king when he took the blame for the deaths of Abiathar’s family and promised to protect him.


I can’t help but think that’s because David knew his destiny and Saul’s impending demise. His enemy had a face.

Although I react more like David and less like Saul. If I had a clearer picture of my calling and destiny, I think that would help.


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