Promised Land Lesson 12 Day 5

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My answers to BSF study questions for People of the Promised Land Lesson 12 Day 5


Psalms 23 and 36

13. The Lord is my shepherd. “I always have more than enough.” TPT

David knew this metaphor in a unique way, having been a shepherd himself. “David uses the most comprehensive and intimate metaphor yet encountered in the Psalms, preferring usually the more distant ‘king’ or ‘deliverer’, or the impersonal ‘rock’, ‘shield’, etc.; whereas the shepherd lives with his flock and is everything to it: guide, physician and protector.” (Kidner) source

Green pastures and still water

The imagery of peace and rest in a lush pasture beside perfectly still, refreshing water calms and restores my soul.

This verse also reminds me to follow my shepherd. He knows how and where to lead me into a quiet place of deep, peaceful contentment.

Shadow of death

The quote below about the shadow of death also brings comfort. Our family is facing the imminent death of a third family member in less than three months. This one is the most difficult. We aren’t certain it is well with his soul.

He grew up in a Christian home. His father, a beloved father and minister, stepped into eternity last month. His brother is also a minister.

Although my younger cousin made a profession of faith as a child, he turned his back. He’s now under hospice care. His 84-year-old mother, my aunt, is heartbroken.

“Death in its substance has been removed, and only the shadow of it remains. Some one has said that when there is a shadow there must be light somewhere, and so there is. Death stands by the side of the highway in which we have to travel, and the light of heaven shining upon him throws a shadow across our path; let us then rejoice that there is a light beyond. Nobody is afraid of a shadow, for a shadow cannot stop a man’s pathway even for a moment. The shadow of a dog cannot bite; the shadow of a sword cannot kill; the shadow of death cannot destroy us.” (Spurgeon) source

14. Character profile of the wicked

  • Does not fear God
  • He flatters himself in his own eyes.

The essence of flattery is found in words that say one is better than he or she actually is. We usually think of flattery as coming from others, but we are entirely able to tell ourselves that we are better than we actually are. David Guzik

  • Does not hate evil and even defends evil

“So far from having a contempt and abhorrence for evil, he even rejoices in it, and patronizes it. He never hates a wrong thing because it is wrong, but he meditates on it, defends it, and practises it.” (Spurgeon) source

15. David’s profile of sin challenges me to look at myself.

I’m guilty of all the above, and I’m thankful for the blood of Jesus so full of grace and mercy.


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