Promised Land Lesson 12 Day 2

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These are my Answers to BSF Bible Study questions for People of the Promised Land Lesson 12 Day 2.


1 Samuel 18

3. Saul, Jonathan, and Michal

Jonathan’s love for David never wavered.

As the first-born of Saul, Jonathan was the heir to the throne. Samuel anointed David as Saul’s successor even though he was the youngest son of a sheep farmer. David’s valor confirmed God’s choice. Yet there was no jealousy between them.

Jonathan voluntarily gave David his royal robe, armor, and sword.

Their relationship and devotion to God knit their hearts together. They were both humble and had the Father’s heart of love toward each other.


After David’s triumph over Goliath, Saul realized he needed David. He was a loyal, strong and courageous warrior. David could make him look good.

But the lyrics to the women’s song left Saul humiliated.

Saul’s heart wasn’t after God. He knew God wasn’t with him. Since God was with David, Saul was afraid of David.

David and Michal

Michal loved David, but not because of his heart for God. She probably loved him because of his popularity as a war hero.

David risked his own life to win her hand in marriage.

4. Saul was jealous of David.

Samuel already told Saul God had rejected him as king. Saul continued to act as king out of his own strength and cunning. God was no longer on his side.

A good lesson to learn from David’s example

David seems to react with a humble and pure heart every time Saul sets a trap for him. He continues to treat Saul with honor and respect.

5. David faces success and opposition.

Saul recognized David as an extraordinarily brave and skilled young warrior and invoked him to stay. David would never again be a lowly shepherd, mistreated and disrespected by his family.

The cost – Saul was jealous of David’s strength, wisdom, and popularity. Saul sets traps for David and manipulates him. David remains humble and obedient to Saul.


I can relate somewhat to David’s life before Samuel anointed him as king and the persecution he faced with Saul.

But I can’t relate to his sudden rise to fame, his confidence and skill facing an enemy like Goliath, and handling Saul’s insecurity and manipulation with such humility and grace.

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