Old Brown Hat

My dad had an old brown hat. For all I know, he still does.

It was a beaten up old hat. Misshapen. The opposite of dapper.

When I was a preteen, he used to mortify me by wearing it shopping and such.

One day when he was wearing it, a young man we knew offered him $5 if he wouldn’t wear it anymore.

We (I) threw it in the garbage can once. The garbage man had the audacity to fish it out and bring it to the door — in case it was thrown away by accident.

By accident!!!

Now, the hat wasn’t just ugly. It was GROSS!

We didn’t dare throw it away after that.
One evening after telling one of these stories about my dad, my grown sons were all laughing hysterically. The youngest said, “I’m SO glad I have some of his DNA!”

I’m hoping one day I’ll come across that old hat. Dad never could stand to part with anything.