Life of Moses Lesson 9 Day 5

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My answers to study questions for BSF Life of Moses Exodus 24

11.  a.  Mediator of the new and better covenant, Jesus Christ—He is now the only way to God—

  • John 14:6—”Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.”
  • 1 Timothy 2:5“For there [is only] one God, and [only] one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,”
  • Hebrews 8:6; 12:24“6 But now, Jesus has received a superior priestly service just as he arranged a better covenant that is enacted with better promises.”
    24 “to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks better than Abel’s blood.”

We should be careful not to mix obedience to the Old Covenant and the finished work of Christ in the New Covenant together. That tendency is common in many Christian denominations.

The Old Covenant is declared null and void according to Hebrews 7:18. When a marriage is annulled, it’s as if it never happened.

Jesus is a better Mediator than any Old Testament priest (see note at 1 Timothy 2:5) and He has put into effect a better covenant with better promises. Everything about the New Covenant is better than the old. So, why do “Christians” fight so hard to still be under the Old Covenant? There is no way these verses can be interpreted to say that Christians are still under the O.T. and the New Testament at the same time. The bringing in of a better covenant totally nullified the O.T. (see note at Hebrews 7:18). AWMI

b.  The people promised to obey all the Lord said both before (Exodus 24:3) and after (Exodus 24:7) the offering of sacrifices.

c.  Matthew 26:27-28—Jesus said, “this is My blood that establishes the covenant; it is shed for many for the forgiveness of sins.”

d.  What difference does personal trust in the sacrifice of Christ’s blood make in our ability to obey God?

  • Hebrews 9:14-15, 22Our good works and our obedience do not save us. That would be faith in our works and our obedience. “Everything God does for us is dependent on the blood of Jesus that removed our death sentence.” (AWMI)
  • 1 Peter 1:18-19—”we were redeemed…with the precious blood of Christ.”
  • 1 John 1:7—”the blood of Jesus, God’s son, cleanses us from every sin.”

Personal trust in the sacrifice of Christ’s blood doesn’t improve our ability to obey God, but it removes our death sentence.

12.  a.  Special privileges given to Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the elders of Israel—

They saw God and they ate and drank in His presence. Exodus 24:10-11

b.  Symbols of God’s glory — Kabode — weight; but only figurative in a good sense, splendor or copiousness :- glorious (-ly), glory, honour (-able).
Strong’s Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary.

  • Cloud (thunder-cloud) that covered the mountain for six days Exodus 24:15-16
  • Consuming fire Exodus 24:17
  • Sounds of His voice Exodus 24:16

c.  God’s glory is all-powerful, all-consuming, enveloping, obscuring from view, all-powerful, inspiring awe, not of this world, capable of creating, preserving, and restoring life.

In His presence it feels as though there is no need to breathe.

He is the breath of life. The bread of life. Living Water.

It’s no wonder Moses was able to survive two (perhaps) almost back to back forty-day fasts.

There is no desire to leave when you are in His glory.

Time loses all meaning, because He is timeless. He is the I am….ah, the glory of God!

Nothing compares!

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