Life of Moses Lesson 6 Day 5

Life of Moses Lesson 6 Day 5 ~ Exodus 15:1-21

10.  a.  Words and phrases from Moses’ song

b.  My own words or phrases to describe God and how He has helped me—

  • He is—

    • Enough.
    • Faithful.
    • Everything.
    • Amazing.
    • Love.
    • Worthy of my dedication and praise.
    • Holy.
    • Righteous.
  • He has—

    • Made me in His image.
    • He has given me new life.
    • Redeemed me.
    • Provided for me.
    • Healed me and other family members.
    • Forgiven me.
    • Held me in the palm of His hand.
    • Restored me.
    • Loved me with an everlasting love.
    • Protected me.
    • Revealed Himself to me.

c.  To show Him I’m thankful, I can—

  • Seek His face.
  • Be obedient to His voice.
  • Be thankful for and meditate on His attributes.
  • Be thankful for and meditate on all He has done for me.
  • Sing songs of praise, adoration, and worship.
  • Meditate on His word.
  • Dance like Miriam and David did.
  • Write.

11.  a.  In Exodus 15:13–18 Moses predicted God would—

  • Cause the people of Philistia, Canaan, and Edom will fear them.
  • Give them the land He had designated to be His sanctuary and dwelling place.
  • He will reign as King forever and always.

b.  God’s faithfulness to do all He had promised enabled Moses to anticipate God’s future faithfulness to complete unfulfilled promise.

c.  When I consider all the God has done for me, I’m encouraged to have hope for the future.

  • All of my sons will return to their first love.
  • All of my descendants will followers of Jesus.
  • Good health for my family.
  • God will supply all of our needs.
  • Greater revelation and understanding of God’s thoughts.
  • A great awakening for my nation and beyond.
  • That I would be an active participant in the plans and purposes of God for the rest of my life.

What is your main hope for the future? Please share in the comments.

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