Life of Moses Lesson 6 Day 4

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Life of Moses Lesson 6 Day 4

8.  a.  God’s instructions helped the Israelites in the following ways:

  • God led them in a route that avoided “those contentious Philistines.”—Getting into a battle with them would likely discourage them enough to send them running back to Egypt.
  • God instructed them to back-track and use a different, longer path so Pharaoh would think they were wandering in a circle.—When Pharaoh’s heart once again hardens and turns against the Israelites, God displays His might in an epic, miraculous rescue.
    • Their enemies—Pharaoh, his army, his officers, and his chariots are utterly destroyed.
    • The Israelites acknowledge the power of God, fear Him, and trust Him.
    • The Israelites give credit to Moses and trust Him.

b.  God’s instructions brought Him glory because men would not plan to take that route. In men’s eyes, this was certain suicide.

c.  God kept His promise to gain glory for Himself.

  • An invisible force confused the Egyptian army’s efforts. (I envision a host of angels pulling off chariot wheels. They had waited a long time for this.)
  • The Egyptians said, “Let’s go and get away from these Israelites. Their God, the Eternal One, is fighting for them against us.” Exodus 14:25 Voice
  • The Egyptians couldn’t see or get to the Israelites through the fire pillar or the cloud pillar.
  • The Israelites escaped in a way that was impossible for them to carry out on their own.
  • The Israelites lacked the weapons and training to compete with the Egyptian army.
  • The entire Egyptian army and all their chariots were destroyed at once without bloodshed.

d.  When the Jewish pediatrician said my son’s prognosis was hopeless, God worked a miracle. The doctor asked me afterward, “Were you praying for a miracle?”

9.  a.  “When Israel witnessed the incredible power that the Eternal used to defeat the Egyptians, the people were struck with fear of Him, and they trusted in Him and also in Moses, His servant.” Exodus 14:31 Voice

b.  Since the intern came running to me with the good news my two-year-old son’s kidneys were again functional, my life has not been the same. It wasn’t the first healing miracle I’d seen, but at that moment, I knew God saw me and heard me.

My answers to BSF study questions on Life of Moses Lesson 6 Day 4 Exodus 13:17–14:31.

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