Life of Moses Lesson 5 Day 2

My answers to study questions for BSF Life of Moses Exodus 6:28–7:13  If you are a member of BSF, you can find your weekly lesson questions here.






3.  a.  Moses objects when God sends him to speak to Pharaoh, saying, “Since I am such a poor speaker, how will Pharaoh listen to me?”

b.  “See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and Aaron your brother will be your prophet. You must say whatever I command you; then Aaron your brother must declare it to Pharaoh so that he will let the Israelites go from his land.”

c.  What I learned about faith from Moses’ objections and the Lord’s answer that applies to my life.

  • God is so patient and merciful with us!
  • He understands our weaknesses.
  • He understands our fears.
  • He makes allowances for us, even when it isn’t His first choice.
  • He rewards even a mustard seed of faith.
  • Most of all, I learn to trust Him more, putting aside my own fears. He is able to use weak vessels and turn us into something useful.

4.  a.  God made sure Pharaoh refused to listen.

b.  Because of Pharaoh will refuse to listen, God will judge Egypt by performing many signs and wonders there. He will bring the Israelites out.


c.  When a ruler has a hard heart against God, he often disregards the welfare of his people or mistreats and persecutes them.


When believers in the one true God are oppressed and powerless, they often cry out to God for help.Some examples of miraculous outcomes:


  • The government of China oppresses the church, but it is growing rapidly.
  • The Roman Empire martyred many believers and destroyed the temple as Jesus prophesied, but the persecution caused the diaspora — the dispersion of believers far and wide.
  • The aftermath of Hitler’s holocaust led to the creation of a modern Jewish state.

What stood out to you in this lesson?
How do your answers differ?

The scripture reference links in this lesson are HCSB unless otherwise noted. 

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