Life of Moses Lesson 4 Day 3

My answers to study questions for BSF Life of Moses Exodus 5:15-21
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5.  Exodus 4:29-31 If we assume the foremen were included when Moses and Aaron assembled the elders—

a.  They believed God saw their plight and cared about them. They bowed down and worshiped.

b.  The foreman showed a lack of faith when they went to Pharaoh for help.
When Pharaoh responded harshly, they confronted Moses and Aaron. They accused Moses and Aaron for making matters worse.

c.  Often, when the fulfillment of a promise is delayed, I become discouraged. Rather than feeling God is unfaithful, I usually blame myself.

Perhaps that’s really the same thing. I need a greater revelation of His love, compassion, and forgiveness.

What stood out to you in this lesson?

The scripture reference links in this lesson are HCSB unless otherwise noted.

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