Life of Moses Lesson 29 Day 4 Deut 33

Deuteronomy 33 : 26-29 Deut 33

8.  Jeshurun—The upright ones, walking in righteousness

“Besides its literal meaning, it seems to be used as an expression of particular affection” for Israel. Adam Clarke’s Commentary.

Phrases from Deut 33:2-5 AMP that show God considered Israel upright—

  • His holy ones
  • They follow in His steps
  • They accept His teaching
  • The Lord became their king

Phrases from Deut 33:26-29 AMP

  • God is their refuge and dwelling place.
  • Underneath them are His everlasting arms.
  • Israel lives in safety.
  • They are happy and blessed.
  • They are a people saved by the Lord.

9.  Some of God’s attributes in this passage

  • My God is one of a kind.
  • He is my refuge and dwelling place.
  • His arms are ready to support me and catch me.
  • He defends me.
  • He is Jehovah Jireh, my provider.
  • He sends rain and dew.
  • He is my sword and shield.
  • He saves me.

I’m encouraged because,

  • He is my heavenly Father.
  • He provides for all of my needs.
  • He protects me.
  • He never changes.
  • There is no other god worthy of my praise, allegiance, or love.
  • He is faithful to forgive, heal, restore, bless, and restore me to fellowship.
  • Knowing God is faithful gives me the right perspective in every situation.


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