Life of Moses Lesson 23 Day 2

Numbers 21:1-3

3.  a.  Given the Israelites tendency toward fear and lack of dependence on God,

responding with courage and faith is unexpected. Such an exciting turn of events! God must love that!

b.  In response to Israel’s dependence on God,

He agreed to their proposal. He gave the Canaanites to the Israelites, and they promptly decimated the population and place. Consequently, the site is called Hormah, which means “destruction. The Voice (Some scholars say Hormah means “devoted.”) AWMI

c.  Most of the challenges I face aren’t enemies per se. Nor are they situations likely to be reversed.

They are aging, mentally and/or physically ill family members who need help. Some are just too young to care for themselves.

The young ones will grow up. Eventually.

The aging will die. Eventually.

The physically ill, I pray earnestly for healing.

I know I can’t make it without God’s help. When I am exhausted and frustrated, I don’t function well.

If anything needs to be reversed, it’s my ability to remain engaged when I’m exhausted. I shut down and withdraw.

I can take care of the tasks okay—remembering the meds, the meals, etc. But conversation and interaction take more energy than I can muster.

I ask God for wisdom.

I see answers in small ways. A dinner idea for the picky eaters. Dad in a better mood.

The grace to bite my tongue.

I ask God for help. God sent Moses lots of help. I don’t need THAT much help. And I’m not Moses.

I do have lots of Jethros in my life. “What you are doing is not good for you. The responsibility is just too much. You are going to wear yourself out.” Exodus 18:17-18

Lord, miracles would be awesome, too.

Too many “I” sentences.

God is good. He is faithful.

Even when it doesn’t look like it.

Even when it doesn’t feel like it.

He is always there.

He knows.

He sees.

He helps.

He is the Lover of my soul.

He is my refuge.

He is my hiding place.

My help comes from You, Lord.

My peace comes from You, Lord.


Photo Credit Kevin Carden