Life of Moses Lesson 22 Day 3

Numbers 20 :1-13

6.  a.  God told Moses to—

  • Take your staff.
  • Assemble the entire community.
  • As the people watch, speak to the rock.

b.  Moses raised his hand and struck the rock with the staff twice.

7.  a.  According to Psalm 106:32-33—

Again they (the community) stirred up His anger at the waters of Meribah,
and serious trouble came to Moses because of them;
Because they stood against the Spirit,
Moses spoke rashly with them.

b.  They didn’t honor God as holy by acting out of anger and self-confidence.

Notice that the Lord said Moses and Aaron were guilty of not believing the Lord. Apparently, they thought their way (hitting the rock) was better than the way the Lord had instructed them. After all, the Lord had told them to hit the rock before and it worked (Exodus 17:6). As believers, we need to be sensitive to the Lord and not just follow what has worked in the past. We need to obey what He tells us to do in the now.  AWMI

c.  When I express concern about finances, it causes my husband to feel inadequate and to worry even more than usual.

When I speak in faith, trusting God will supply all of our needs, I remind him that God is our provider.

8. a.  The consequence of Moses’ and Aaron’s disobedience—

God said, Because you didn’t trust Me and treat Me as holy before the Israelites, you will not lead this group into the land I have given them. Exodus 20:12 The Voice

b.  With Moses and Aaron, the buck stopped with them. So God held them accountable.

  • There was no one to intercede for them.
  • They were the leaders, therefore they were held to a higher accountability.  
  • They had just left God’s presence. Moses took matters into his own hands instead of trusting God.
  • He lost his temper just as he had done in the past.

However, I think punishment or judgment is the wrong word. Consequence? This was a tough bunch to lead, as most bunches are. Maybe Moses and Aaron were burned out. I don’t know how they remained faithful as long as they did.

For the Israelites to successfully take the land, they needed a leader who trusted and obeyed God fearlessly without wavering. God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was at stake.