Life of Moses Lesson 2 Day 4

My answers to study questions for BSF Life of Moses Exodus 2:15-22

8.  Moses stayed in Midian because—
  • Pharaoh wanted to kill him.
  • Reuel apparently invited Moses to stay. (Moses agreed to stay.)
  • Reuel gave him one of his daughters to be his wife.

A reference in Coffman’s Commentaries mentions that a footnote In the Tyndale Bible, reads:

The Reuel mentioned here is not Jethro, but the father of Jethro, the grandfather of Zipporah, and also the priest of Midian. If this is correct, it would explain why the grandfather did not himself help his daughters (granddaughters) against the shepherds, due to his age. Jethro might have been absent at the time.

Was Reuel disabled? Or occupied with priestly duties?

Whatever the reason, it is obvious they needed a good, strong man around the place.

9.  a.  Moses still felt like a foreigner—estranged from Egypt. The name Gershom means “a stranger or exile.”

b.  I’ve felt like a foreigner all of my life. We moved eight times while I was growing up.  We mostly lived in small towns where there were few newcomers. The other children knew each other all their lives. I felt like an outsider.

c.  Good question. I mostly learned to feel restless and out-of-place. I still have difficulty making friends.

God didn’t teach me that.

Since my earthly relationships left a lot to be desired, books, journals, and pets were my best friends.

After receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I began to understand fellowship with God. His hand was always on my life, even when I was unaware.

d.  While in the land of Midian, Moses undoubtedly did much soul-searching. And God seeking.

Arrogance turned to humility.

Self confidence gave way to confidence in God.

Impatience submitted to God’s timing.


What did you learn or what did God teach you when you felt like a foreigner or stranger?

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