Life of Moses Lesson 2 Day 3

My answers to study questions for BSF Life of Moses Lesson 2 Day 3

Exodus 2:15-22

Scripture reference links from the Amplified Bible


6.  Physical characteristics of Midian—

  • East of Egypt
  • Suitable for raising sheep
  • Does not have a stream or river running through it
  • Wilderness/Rural
  • Arid/desert
  • Mountainous or near mountains

7.  a.  Character traits Moses displayed by helping the women water their flocks—

  • defender of the weak
  • chivalrous
  • strong
  • brave
  • take charge
  • heroic

b. Moses defended the injustice without resorting to excessive violence as he had done before.

c.  Here’s the deal, Lord:

My mouth has difficulty forming the word “no.”

Such a tiny little word. Yet, I beat around the bush.  And make excuses.

Ultimately, I cave in.

Sometimes Often, in my zeal to be helpful and make everyone happy, I overestimate my strength, energy, and expertise.

So, I volunteer!

Father, help me to discern where, when, and how to help. The needs and demands of those you’ve called me to serve are so very great.

Show me the true needs You want me to meet before I’m up to my armpits and frazzled! In Jesus precious name, Amen.

P.S. Lord, I prefer to be a superhero. I know You have supernaturally bailed me out many times.

But if You choose not to make me a superhero, I ask that You help me become less of a people pleaser and more of a YOU pleaser.

You know what is best. I forget that. A lot.

Thank You for your great and boundless love and mercy!

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