Life of Moses Lesson 19 Day 3

Numbers 11:4-35

5.  a.  Good things the Israelites remembered about Egypt—

  • Free fish
  • Free cucumbers
  • Free leeks
  • Free melons
  • Free onions
  • Free garlic

b.  The people bemoaned their current limited menu and forgot the harsh, backbreaking slave labor of Egypt.

They also forgot God’s promise to their ancestors and to them.

6.  a.  Their complaints aggravated and angered Moses, too.

The burden of caring for all those whining people overwhelmed him.

Boy, do I know how that feels! I get overwhelmed caring for six.

b.  Moses’ response in Numbers 11:11-15—

Moses’ diatribe directed toward God for getting him into this mess, seems like God would break out against him, too.

It seems Moses should have gone to God to say, “what should I do? Just ignore them? I feel responsible to satisfy their demands. But it is impossible for me.”

Perhaps Moses did that the day before? Or daily for a week or month or months. We don’t know how long this went on.

I’m fascinated by the boldness and honesty with which he shares his heart with God. I love that he says, “If you are pleased with me…” He felt like a failure.

It doesn’t seem he is whining. Should he have asked for help?

Moses’ words struck me given my current situation. Certainly, I’m not comparing myself with Moses, but the frustration, and feeling of helplessness, and …..

c.   God comforted and provided for Moses in the following ways—

  • Choose and bring to me seventy elders and leaders.
  • I will take some of the anointing that is on you and place it on them.
  • They will bear the burden of the people with you.
  • You will not have to bear it all yourself.

d.  Ways God has comforted me—

—Mostly through words of wisdom. Ways to cope.

I know they are from Him because when I’m overwhelmed, I can’t come up with solutions. Only complaints.

And my gut reaction is “that won’t work because…”.

  • Get more sleep. (It is helping.)
  • Sleep in a different bedroom so I could get better quality sleep.
  • Cut back on certain activities, one at a time. As I obey, He gives me another one. It is difficult, because I thought these activities kept me sane.

Already, I’m more at peace. I’m rolling with interruptions and schedule changes better. They used to throw me for a loop.

Now that the brain clutter and the static it produced has diminished, I’m hearing the Holy Spirit more clearly.

A big thank you to all who have prayed for me. You are a blessing.

7.  a.  God’s charge—

They rejected the Lord, who was among them, and they whined to Him, saying, “Why did we ever leave Egypt?” Numbers 11:20

I just realized during my pity parties, I have similar regrets about past decisions. And life changes that were beyond my control.

b.  To show His displeasure with their rejection and complaints—

God promised to send an abundance of meat for an entire month. He said they would eat it until they were sick of it. Numbers 11:20a

Photo Credit Curtis Abert Creative Commons