Life of Moses Lesson 18 Day 5

Life of Moses Lesson 18 Day 5

Numbers 9-10

11.  a.  It had been two years since the first Passover.

b.  Some reasons those who were unclean or away from home might still want to observe the Passover—

  • It was an important occasion for their family, tribe, and the entire community.
  • They remembered how God delivered them from harsh slave labor.
  • They remembered the miraculous events that led up to their departure from Egypt.
  • They remembered the miraculous signs and wonders God performed since their departure.
  • They were thankful for God’s faithfulness and provision.

c.  I don’t currently take part in corporate worship—

—other than BSF due to family responsibilities. The worship time at BSF is so minimal, and my eyes are glued to a hymnbook.

I miss worshiping alone at my piano. During the summer, I found a some precious moments alone in the garden.

I miss both corporate and private worship time so much. I’m praying God will make a way and show me a place where there is freedom to get lost in His presence. Until then, I am off the grid with almost constant interference.

12.  a.  Whenever the cloud lifted up above the tent of meeting,

the Israelites knew it was time to break camp. They followed the cloud until it rested. They camped there until it lifted again.

“They camped and traveled at the Lord’s command, and they did whatever the Lord told them through Moses.” Numbers 9:23 NLT

b.  The two trumpets of hammered silver —

  • called the community or the elders.
    • Both trumpets blown at the same time called the community to assemble before Moses at the Tabernacle entrance.
    • One trumpet blown called the leaders to assemble before Moses at the Tabernacle entrance.
  • signaled the community when it was time to break camp.
    • Short blasts signaled the camps on the east side of the Tabernacle to move forward.
    • Each following blast signaled the subsequent sides to move forward.
  • to sound an alarm before going into battle.
  • sounded over burnt offerings and peace/fellowship offerings.
  • sounded at annual festivals
  • sounded at the beginning of each month.
  • sounded at times of joy.

c.  How the cloud and the trumpets compare to the ways God guides us today?

Today, we are individually responsible for hearing God’s voice. It’s usually more subtle than a trumpet blast or a fiery cloud.

  • through a still small voice
  • through His written word
  • through revelation knowledge
  • through the wisdom and knowledge of others
  • through song lyrics
  • through dreams and visions

Many years ago, I had a dream about my pastor and a silver trumpet.

Until I answered the previous question, I didn’t understand why silver was significant.

These are my answers to the study questions, not THE answers.