Life of Moses Lesson 13 Day 3

Life of Moses Lesson 13 Day 3

Exodus 39:32-40:33

6.  a.  This repeated phrase describes how the Israelites and Moses did the work—

Just as the Lord commanded or according to everything the Lord commanded

b.  As inspector of the work, Moses must have possessed the following qualities:

  • Good eyesight
  • Experience and knowledge about the various crafts and what constituted good workmanship (His days in Pharaoh’s palace certainly prepared him for this.)
  • Discerning eye
  • Good memory of the pictures God put in his head. (I can understand this because of the “pictures” I’ve seen in spiritual dreams and visions. They remain vivid for a long time.)

I think I’m missing something on this question. But don’t have time to keep pondering.

c.  I would like to see an increase in spiritual discernment, a gift of the Spirit.

7.  a.  The tabernacle was completed on the anniversary of Israel’s deliverance from slavery, on New Year’s Day. 

The tabernacle was ready in time for Passover.

b.  They left Egypt to worship their own God in their own way.

Now they have a place to offer sacrifices and host the presence of God.

8.  a.  God told Moses to set the ark of the covenant in its place first.  

Put the ark of the testimony there and screen off the ark with the veil.” Exodus 40:3

b.  From Exodus 25:22; Leviticus 16:14-16 The Ark of the Testimony/Covenant was the most important part.  God designed it for His own glorious presence to live and travel with His chosen people. The atonement cover was sprinkled seven times with the blood of the sin offering. “In this way, he will make atonement for the Holy of Holies because of the uncleannesses of the Israelites, their acts of rebellion, and all their other sins.” MSG

It’s interesting and significant that the acacia wood used in constructing the Ark was “incorruptible”—highly resistant to decay.

The first thing to be placed within the tabernacle was the ark of the testimony, as containing the foundation of the covenant between God and Israel, and being the special token of God’s presence with his people. See the comment on Exodus 25:10. Pulpit Commentary

c.  What is most important in my life? Even though my goal is to love and serve the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, I have to admit it’s a struggle.

My long-standing behavior of trying to please people wrestles against it.

Often, I find it difficult to even discern the difference between the two. After all, scripture says to—

  • Love our enemies.  Matthew 5:41
  • Love others as well as you love yourself.  Mark 12:30-31
  • Let the little children come. Don’t hinder them.  Matthew 19:14 I’ve found if you bless them, they don’t want to leave. And when they do leave, they come back with their friends! Haha and oh my.
  • Wives, be subject (be submissive and adapt yourselves) to your own husbands as [a service] to the Lord. Ephesians 5:22
  • Honor your father Exodus 20:12…even if he messes up his TV for the umpteenth time, loses his glasses, teeth, etc.


Is this primarily a female problem, or do men deal with this, too? My husband doesn’t seem to.

Lord, show me any area of my life that does not conform to Your plans.

Help me discern the difference between pleasing You and pleasing others.

Help me to say “no” or “later” and stick to it when You say so. I promise to listen harder.

Heal my deafness to Your voice.

Help me to order my days and stay focused in the midst of all the distractions and interruptions. Amen.


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