Life of Moses Lesson 12 Day 5

Exodus 34:10-35

10.  a.  If the Lord agreed to renew the covenant, the people will likely again say with one voice, “We will do everything the Lord has commanded.”

b.  In Verse 10, the Lord promised to do miracles and wonders unlike anything seen elsewhere on the earth. The people will see it.

c.  The people I live among can see God’s awesome work through me when I love them, serve them, pray for them and then see the answers come.

I can also heal the sick, raise the dead, set the captives free, and make disciples like Jesus said. That’s what I want. He said we can do it. I want that.

11.  a.  Jealousy is an essential attribute of God because He enters into covenants with His people. He isn’t aloof—somewhere out there in the cosmos. He wants us fully committed to our relationship with Him. To worship Him alone.

Like Song of Solomon, the Bridegroom and the Church—the relationship is not one-sided. His wants us to be faithful.

b.  A jealous God might have repeated these particular laws at this point in Israel’s history because of their recent past and their future.
In their recent past, they quickly turned to idolatry.
In their future, they face battles against the inhabitants of Canaan. As untrained soldiers,
  • They need God on their side.
  • They need Him to send His angel before them to strike terror in the hearts of their enemies.
  • They need His wisdom and cunning.

Also in their future—the people of Canaan were corrupt. God warned them to avoid their religious practices. Nor intermarry with them. Nor make treaties with them.

12.  a.  Moses was able to go without food and water for 40 days because He was in the Lord’s presence. He actually had two 40-day fasts. There may have been only a few days between them.

Moses proved, “Man shall not live and be upheld and sustained by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4;4 AMP

“God’s word and His presence can sustain the physical body.” Andrew Wommack

b.  Moses’ face radiated the reflected glory of God because he had spoken with God. Interesting, it didn’t happen the first 40 days.

Jesus displayed a similar manifestation in the transfiguration. His appearance transformed so that his face shone like the sun. With Jesus, it wasn’t the reflected glory, but His own glory.

c.  I hope I radiated the glory of God this past week. I repented several times for my lack of patience with my grandchildren, my dad, and my husband. Everyone is still speaking to me, so I hope my behavior wasn’t as bad as I thought. I apologized to my son, and he didn’t know what I was talking about. So that’s something.

The changes that come to mind, although I still have so far to go:

  • Boldness—I used to wrestle with myself when the Lord prompted me to speak to someone. My heart pounded etc. Even though I’m still an introvert, I don’t usually hesitate.
  • Surrender—I had my agenda that I thought was God’s plan. I was working my plan in His name. I still have to climb back on the altar regularly. Pity parties are my greatest temptation. Goal—Living sacrifice.
  • Love—Serving others even when I don’t want to is so hard. But I do it more often than I used to.
  • Tongue that looks like Swiss cheese (from biting it so much)—Not as often as I should, though. A work in progress.

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