Life of Moses Lesson 11 Day 4

Exodus 32:25-29

8.  a.  How idolatry affected the community—

  • It made the people weak in the sight of their enemies.
  • Their behavior made them the object of amusement and shame in the eyes of their enemies and others.
  • Those who chose the Lord’s side had to rise up against those who did not.
  • Under the old covenant law, 3000 died.

b.  Moses held Aaron responsible. “…the people were unruly and unrestrained (for Aaron had let them get out of control…” Exodus 32:25 AMP

c.  Our behavior influences and creates consequences for children, employees, and others for whom we are responsible.

9.  a.  Moses’ response to the out-of-control Israelites— He said, “Who is on the Lord’s side, come here and join me.” The Levites joined him, and he instructed them to take up their swords and kill their fellow Israelites.

At first, I assumed they killed all those who participated in the calf worship. But they didn’t kill Aaron.

Earlier verses made it sound like most of the people participated. Since 3000 were killed, that’s a small percentage of the population. So I’m confused.

I found an interesting comment on this text. It also includes a contrast between Old Covenant and New Covenant—

There were, certainly, more than 3,000 male Levites. So, not every Levite carried out Moses’ instructions. And not every person who participated in this idolatry was killed. This was only a token punishment.

At this first giving of the Law, 3,000 died. At the giving of the Holy Spirit, 3,000 came to new life in Christ. What a great contrast between the O.T. Law and the N.T. grace. Law kills, but grace gives life (2 Corinthians 3:6-10). Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary

b.  The Lord commanded drastic action to highlight the stark difference between wicked Egyptian idolatry and worship of the only True, Holy God. This “evil rebellion had to be rooted out or it would infect the entire nation.” AWMI

Even though the punishment is harsh, God’s mercy shines through. As always.

c.  Because the Levites, or at least many of them, chose the Lord’s side and put him first before family and friends, they were rewarded with God’s blessing. Exodus 32:29


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