Life of Moses Lesson 11 Day 3

Exodus 32:15-24

6.  a.  Exodus 32:16 uses the following phrases to show God created the two stone tablets—

  • The tablets were the work of God,
  • The writing was God’s writing, engraved on the tablets.

b.  Reasons Moses burned the golden calf and ground it to powder—

  • I thought Moses did this due to his righteous anger and his tendency to overreact.
  • Perhaps God inspired this odd punishment because He was jealous due to their unfaithfulness. It reminds me of the punishment for a wife thought to be unfaithful. Numbers 5:11-26 Although, there is no doubt the Israelites are guilty. Moses caught them in the act.
  • The golden-calf-god was helpless against the fire and the pounding that ground it to powder.*
  • The gold used to create the idol was defiled.
  • Moses’ actions reminded the people their real God detested idol worship.
  • Moses also reminded them God placed him as their leader.

*The respect Moses commanded was awesome. There were thousands of them and only one of him. But Moses had God on his side and the people knew it. It all came because of his relationship with the Lord. Anyone with God on their side is a majority.

Think what this said about the god they had made. Moses took the thing they worshiped and burnt it and ground it to powder. Their god was helpless to do anything about it. Then he made them drink their god. I’m sure drinking gold wasn’t tasteful, and what did they think when they saw it come out in their waste? That’s what Moses thought of their god.  AWMI

7.  a.  Moses held Aaron responsible for the people’s sin because he left Aaron the other elders in charge. Exodus 24:14 The people did go to Aaron with their complaint/hair-brained scheme, but Moses didn’t expect Aaron or any of the elders would go along with something so sinful.

b.  Aaron’s defense—He blamed “those evil people.” Exodus 32:22-24

Aaron displayed the number-one characteristic of a person who has not truly repented. He blamed someone else. It was the people’s fault. But true repentance accepts responsibility.   AWMI

c.  Ah, foolish excuses. I’ve got a million of ’em. When I was a child, my dad once accused me of rationalizing. I still excel at it. I catch myself working on my story even before I’m asked to ‘splain myself, as Ricky Ricardo often demanded of Lucy. (I decided against posting a video link so you won’t get sidetracked like I just did.) (And why am I having flashbacks of Jimmy Durante and Desi Arnaz old black and white reruns?)

The quote above in 7. b. really hits home. Lack of repentance on my part stems from pride and the need to please others. Maybe the root is fear of man. I certainly suffer from that. I need to finish reading that book on humility.

Photo credit Chad Madden CC