Life of Moses Lesson 1 Day 5

My answers to study questions for BSF Life of Moses Exodus 2:1-10 (The Voice)

11.  a.  Ways God arranged for Moses’ safety and adoption by Pharaoh’s daughter:

  • Moses’ parents executed God’s plan to place Moses in the river.
  • Moses didn’t drown or suffocate in the ark.
  • Pharaoh’s daughter came along either as expected or by chance. Either way, God’s hand was in it.
  • Her heart melted when she saw Moses’ beauty and heard him cry.
  • She did not drown him as her father had decreed.
  • Miriam suggested Moses’ own mother to nurse him.
  • Pharaoh’s daughter agreed and paid for the service.

b.  How might she have known that Moses was a Hebrew baby?
  • Perhaps Pharaoh’s daughter knew he was a Hebrew baby due to the color of his skin or other ethnic characteristics.
  • Perhaps she noticed he was circumcised. (Jewish tradition holds to this view.)
  • Perhaps she assumed her father’s edict caused the baby’s mother to hide him this way.
c.  Characteristics of Moses’ sister, about eight years old:
  • Obedient to her mother’s instructions
  • Loving and attentive sister
  • Bold enough to eavesdrop on Pharaoh’s daughter and offer to fetch a Hebrew nurse-maid
  • Tactful and discerning enough to wait until the timing was right
12.  a.  By living with his mother for the first few years of his life, Moses’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs were met.
  • Pharaoh’s daughter couldn’t nurse him herself. Jochebed’s milk supply and composition were perfectly adapted to Moses.
  • Moses likely spent from three to five years nurtured and taught by his own mother. (The exact number isn’t given, but many sources say babies were commonly nursed for several years.)
  • Moses’ day to day care would be provided by servants who would not love him the way his own mother would.
  • He also developed a loving relationship with his siblings and his father.
  • Moses and his mother had already bonded.
  • Moses’ mother undoubtedly took every advantage of her time with him to teach him all that she knew about their heritage and their God.

b.  Acts 7:20-22—As the adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter,

  •  Moses learned to read and write.
  • Moses learned about the Egyptian culture.
  • Moses learned wisdom and knowledge via the best teachers in the world.
  • Moses became powerful in speech and action.
  • Moses learned about Egyptian leadership.

c.  There is no doubt the Lord’s hand has been on my life from day one. My legacy is one of devout believers.

While my dad had a relationship with the church and his ministry, my mom had an intimate relationship with God.

Through the years of mandatory church attendance, I became familiar with scripture. (Can you detect a smidgen of hard feelings? Being a minister’s daughter has its challenges. You’ll be happy to know I edited out several paragraphs.) :-)

I’m thankful I developed a desire to know God for myself. I’m thankful for the well of scripture the Holy Spirit can draw upon to encourage, direct, and instruct me.

d.  Jochebed’s trust in God saved the life of her own beautiful son, and delivered the entire Hebrew nation from an oppressive regime. Today, historians are unable to agree on the name of Pharaoh’s daughter.
We cannot identify this daughter of Pharaoh. Josephus called her Thermutis, and Eusebius called her Merris. Unger suggested that her name might have been Hatshepsut. She was the only woman known to have become a Pharaoh, but until ancient Egyptian history is much more than the patchwork of guesses that it is today, the certain identification is impossible. Coffman’s Commentaries on the Bible

We do know the name of Moses and his family. God is faithful. I can trust Him. All the time.DAY 6 What I learned in Lesson 1—One of my favorite things about BSF bible study is reading scripture verses that relate to the main text. On my own, I seldom do that. The lessons also force me to meditate on God’s word. Which hides it in my heart. I hope some of it sticks in my brain, too.Pray that my study and sharing here will bring glory to God and bring a multitude into a more intimate walk with Him.

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