Life of Moses Lesson 1 Day 4

My answers to study questions

BSF Life of Moses Lesson 1 Day 4 Exodus 1:22-2:10

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9.  Names of Moses’ family members listed in Exodus 6:20; 15:20

10.  a.  By faith, Moses’ parents were able to hide him for three months. Hebrews 11:1, 6, 23

b.Your descendants will be exceedingly fruitful. Nations and kings will descend from you.I hereby make this covenant—this sacred bond—between Me and you and all of your children and their children’s children throughout the coming generations. It will be an eternal covenant. I will be your God and the God to all who come after you! I will fulfill My promise to give you and your descendants the land of Canaan, where you now live as foreigners. I will place all of Canaan into your hands to be yours forever. I will be your God and their God forever.Genesis 17:6-8

c.  From birth, Jochebed believed there was something special about Moses. After hiding him for three months, she must have felt desperate for a longer term solution.

Did she chose that particular place to put Moses in the basket because she knew Pharaoh’s daughter would come there to bathe?

Whether Jochebed knew that or not, I believe God guided her plans. She may have instructed Miriam to watch and told her what to say.

I wonder, Was Jochebed aware that not all the Egyptians supported Pharaoh’s plan? If not, this plan required an even greater measure of faith.

d.  Pharaoh’s daughter was overcome with compassion for the baby and agreed to pay for a Hebrew woman to nurse him.

e.  A time when I carefully planned but also trusted God with the outcome—Raising my sons in a home with a volatile father comes to mind.

Regardless of our plans, the outcome is never completely within our control. I’m more aware of this with each passing year.

Moses’ mother may not have been consciously aware of God’s leading. Or the source of faith and confidence that sustained her.

What is your hiding-the-baby-among-the-reeds story? 

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