John Lesson 5 Day 5

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John Lesson 5 Day 5

Study of John 4:27-30

11. a. The disciples return.

They were astonished to find Jesus talking to a woman who appeared to be married. In their culture, men, especially rabbis, did not talk to women, especially not married women. He didn’t just greet her and ask for a drink, he carried on a long, personal conversation with her.

But Jesus’ disciples did not question him “probably sensing that it was right and appropriate” . . . Guzik

b. Jesus’ character

Jesus wasn’t worried about the dictates of culture, status, religious or racial differences. He didn’t even condemn her for being a sinner. He demonstrated the love of God for someone most Jews would not go near much less care about.

12. a. The woman left her water jar beside the well.

Guzik points out that a left-behind water pot is a small detail an eyewitness would remember. John was there. (

Perhaps she forgot the jar due to the confusion of the disciples’ return and the look on their faces. (MSG)

Or she couldn’t run with a heavy water jar on her shoulder, and she planned to come right back anyway.

When she left the well, ordinary water didn’t seem as important. The woman either believed Jesus was the Messiah, or she was intrigued because a true prophet of Israel came to their village inviting others to come and see.

Jesus loves the whole world — not only His own culture, heritage, or religion.

Just like His Father. (For God so loved the world, He sent His only Son. John 3:16)

b. The woman ran back to the village, telling everyone.

Even if she wasn’t yet convinced Jesus was the Messiah, the prospect excited her enough to encourage others to “Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did! Could he possibly be the Messiah?” John 4:29 NLT

She experienced Jesus’ miraculous ability and willingness to . . .

  • know the events and longings of a complete stranger.
  • ignore religious and cultural taboos.
  • display love and mercy without condemnation toward her.

—which turned her into an evangelist.

The results—

“So the people came streaming from the village to see him.” John 4:30 NLT

“Many Samaritans from the village believed in Jesus because the woman had said, “He told me everything I ever did!” When they came out to see him, they begged him to stay in their village. So he stayed for two days,” John 4:39-40

13. Jesus didn’t ignore her or shun her.

He didn’t follow the dictates of a religious system.

Nor did he hold up a sign that said, “REPENT!” or  “turn or burn in hell!”

He lovingly accepted her. He saw and heard her desire for a meaningful connection with God’s heart.

When Jesus spoke with this woman at Jacob’s well and she realized that Jesus was a prophet, she immediately put forward her number one question: “Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, and you Jews say that in Jerusalem is the place where one ought to worship” (John 4:20). Her question was, “What’s the right way to connect with God—here on this mountain or in Jerusalem?” Above all else, the longing of her heart was for a meaningful connection with God’s heart. (Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge)

Day 6 Review of Lesson 5 John 4:1-30

14.  I saw God’s heart toward an outcast.

I have often felt like an outsider because we moved so often and faced rejection. I also went through a divorce, so I can identify with that pain and shame.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I see others through YOUR eyes—not through the filter of culture or religious bigotry.

I long for the miraculous gift of sharing your heart of love with those who long to know that you see them and care about them. May your Spirit rise within in me to boldly speak of your goodness. Amen

My answers to BSF study questions on  John Lesson 5 Day 5 Day 6 ~ Study of John 4:27-30