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Answers to BSF Bible Study Questions John Lesson 26 Day 4

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8.  Honor your father and your mother.

Honor—esteem and value as precious (AMPC)

  • John’s account focuses on Jesus and names the faithful ones who love and support him by standing nearby.
    • John also points out Jesus’ loving concern for his mother. In his weakened state, Jesus didn’t give John a list of instructions. He simply says to Mary, “Dear woman, this is your son (motioning to the beloved disciple)! (to John, His disciple) This is now your mother.” (Voice)

There was no specific direction given to John to entertain Mary. It was quite enough for the Lord to call his attention to her by saying ‘Behold thy mother.’ How I wish we were always in such a state of heart that we did not need specific precepts, a hint would suffice. (Spurgeon)

In the same way, there are many commands for a holy life that Jesus need not specifically give to us; if the relationship is ordered right, the conduct will flow from it. (David Guzik)

  • Mark’s account focused on the two criminals crucified alongside Jesus and the mocking crowd.
    • Some in the crowd asked, “if You’re so powerful, then why don’t You rescue yourself? Come on down from the cross!” (Voice)
    • The chief priests and scribes mocking Jesus among themselves: “He rescued others, but He can’t rescue Himself. Let the Anointed—the King of Israel—come down from the cross now, and we will see it and believe.” (Voice)
    • “Those who were crucified with Him also reviled and reproached Him [speaking abusively, harshly, and insolently].” (AMPC)

9.  Jesus is our example in obedience, humility, and love.

Jesus honored his mother out of love and in obedience to the law by asking John to protect and provide for her needs as if she was his own mother.

My mind and soul said, “ouch” when I read the following:

Christ labored to promote no separate interest; as man he studied to promote the glory of God, and the welfare and salvation of the human race. See then that ye have the same disposition that was in Jesus: he was ever humble, loving, patient, and laborious; his meat and drink was to do the will of his Father, and to finish his work. (Adam Clarke)

10.  Obedience with the right attitude

Once my selfish nature agreed to obey, the challenge did not end.

  • Willingly give up self-interest.
  • Promote the glory of God.
  • Promote the welfare and salvation of the human race.
  • Be humble, loving, patient, and hard-working.
  • Do the will of God and finish the work he gives me.

I have more work to do. A lot more.

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