John Lesson 26 Day 3

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John Lesson 26 Day 3

John 19:34-37

6. a. Jesus physically died.

John identifies himself as an eye-witness to all that happened to counter the Gnostics’ argument that Jesus never actually died. They claimed he only appeared dead.

If, as they claimed, Jesus did not die, then no miraculous resurrection occurred. The fact that Jesus truly died is the foundation of our Christian faith.

For this reason, John offers convincing evidence.

  • John, the writer, saw firsthand everything he writes about.
  • The soldiers saw Jesus was already dead.
  • They ignored protocol and did not break his legs. (Definitely a God thing)
  • One soldier decided to make sure. (Another God thing)
  • The soldier thrust his spear into Jesus side performing what some regard as an “on-the-spot” autopsy.

“The heart is encased in the pericardium, a sac of liquid that resembles water. The spear pierced the pericardium and the heart, and thus blood and water came out. This guarantees that Jesus died for our sins. He didn’t just faint or go into a coma from which he emerged three days later. He was dead.”  (Andrew Wommack Living Commentary)

“The wound was comparatively a large wound. It was so large as to admit the hand (John 20:27); but for a lance thus tapering to have made a wound so wide as to admit the hand, it must have been at least four or five inches in depth, and must have been such as to have made death certain. If it be remembered that this blow was probably in the left side, the conclusion is inevitable that death would have been the consequence of such a blow. To make out this fact was of special importance, probably, in the time of John, as the reality of the death of Jesus was denied by the Gnostics, many of whom maintained that he died in appearance only.” (Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament)

John “threw the weight of his integrity” and “sacred regard for truth” to confirm his testimony. (Andrew Wommack and Barnes)

b. Unless Jesus physically died, he could not be resurrected.

Then there is no Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. (John 1:29)

If Christ did not die, then there could be no resurrection.

The Apostle Paul answered this last part of this question in 1 Corinthians 15:12-19.

  • If there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ has not risen.
  • If Christ has not risen, then our preaching has been for nothing.
  • Our faith in the message is worthless, too.
  • Anyone preaching the gospel is guilty of misrepresenting God.
  • We are still under the control and penalty of our sin.
  • Wandering around in the dark, as lost as ever.
  • All the “dearly departed” who “died hoping in Christ and resurrection” “are left decaying in the ground”. (Voice, MSG, Voice)

“But the truth is that Christ has been raised up, the first in a long legacy of those who are going to leave the cemeteries.” (1 Corinthians 12:20 MSG)

7. Jesus death as our Passover Lamb

  • “Not one of His bones shall be broken.” (John 19:36) —The soldiers broke protocol.
  • “They will look upon Him whom they pierced.” (John 19:37; John 1:29; Zechariah 12:10) (emphasis added) —”Piercing” the victim was not a customary practice.
  • He died in the early evening (twilight). —”slaughter them at twilight.” (Exodus 12:6)
  • Jesus’ blood running down from the wound is a sign that judgment will pass over anyone who believes and receives it.—”The blood will be a sign for you…” (Exodus 12:13)
  • Jesus body did not remain on the cross until morning. —”Do not leave any of it until morning.” (Exodus 12:10; Numbers 9:12)

8. a. Old Testament prophets foretell of Jesus’ pierced side.

Isaiah 53:5-6

  • Surely He has borne our griefs (sicknesses, weaknesses, and distresses) (AMPC)
  • Carried our sorrows and pains [of punishment] (AMPC) (He even carried the consequences of our sin!)
  • It was our pains he carried—our disfigurements.
  • All the things wrong with us. 
  • It was our sins that ripped and tore and crushed him—our sins!
  • He took the punishment, and that made us whole.
  • Through his bruises, we get healed. (The preceding list includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues—His wounds provide healing for all of them!)
  • We’re all like sheep who’ve wandered off and gotten lost.
  • We’ve all done our own thing, gone our own way.
  • And God has piled all our sins, everything we’ve done wrong, on him—on him. (Isaiah 53:4-6MSG)

They shall look on Him whom they pierced:

This prophecy of Zechariah 12:10 and 13:6 was unknowingly and accidentally (on man’s part) fulfilled. Nevertheless, its exact fulfillment shows the providence and guidance of God, and leads us to believe.

“The piercing has been done, but the ‘looking upon’ with ‘mourning’ and ‘supplication,’ such as Zechariah foretells, lies in the yet future.” (Trench) (via David Guzik)

b. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. (John 1:29)

The words of the song “I Stand in Awe of You” come to mind.

“You are beautiful beyond description
Too marvelous for words
Too wonderful for comprehension
Like nothing ever seen or heard
Who can grasp your infinite mercy?
Who can fathom the depth of your love?
You are beautiful beyond description
Majesty, enthroned above

And I stand, I stand in awe of you
I stand, I stand in awe of you
Holy God, to whom all praise is due
I stand in awe of you.”

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