John Lesson 23 Day 3

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John Lesson 23 Day 3

Peter resists. Jesus arrested.

John 18:10-14

6. Peter’s reaction.

John’s gospel says Simon Peter attacked Malchus. The other gospels only mention that one of the disciples did this.

“Suddenly, Peter lunged toward Malchus, one of the high priest’s servants; and with his sword, Peter severed the man’s right ear.” In Luke’s account, Jesus heals Malchus’ ear.  (Did he pick up the ear and put it back on or just restore it?) See Luke 22:50-51

Peter loved Jesus and was so committed to Him, he was willing to attempt to defend Jesus against impossible odds. Peter said [see Matthew 26:35] he was willing to die for Jesus.

Before they went to the Mount Olives, Jesus just told them, as recorded in Luke 22:34, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” In Luke 22:38 “The disciples said, ‘See, Lord, here are two swords.’ ‘That’s enough!’ he replied.” So here, Peter used his sword and Jesus rebuked him for it.

Luke 22:36 records this additional part of their conversation—Jesus said, “It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’ [Isaiah 53:12]; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.”

7. a. John 18:11

“Jesus commanded Peter, “Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”

“Peter’s intentions were good, just as in Matthew 16:22, but in actuality, Peter wasn’t fighting for Christ but against God. We need to recognize that the wrath of man doesn’t accomplish the righteousness of God (James 1:20).” AWMI Living Commentary

Isaiah 51:17, 22 God defends his people. In this passage, God says he took the goblet of his wrath out of their hands.

Matthew 26:39 Jesus asked his father “if it is possible, may this cup [of wrath] be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.” NIV

2 Corinthians 10:2-4a We do not fight with worldly weapons. “The weapons we fight with . . . have divine power to demolish strongholds.” NIV

b. Personal battles

I have a tendency to verbally defend or justify myself or my position on a topic, although I am not good at it.

8. John 18:12

“Then the detachment of soldiers with its commander and the Jewish officials arrested Jesus. They bound him.”

“They regarded Jesus dangerous enough to send many soldiers after Him, so in custody they bound Jesus, treating Him as if He were a threat. Yet Jesus remained bound only because He surrendered to His Father’s will; hands that healed the sick and raised the dead could certainly break bonds.”

“This is a vivid picture of what happens when we act impetuously and in anger. We hinder people’s ability to hear our message (we cut off their ear) when we walk in angry offense toward others.” (footnote in TPT)

9. Jesus taken to Annas

Annas was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, the high priest that year.

“Annas was the power behind the throne in Jerusalem. He himself had been High Priest from A.D. 6 to 15. Four of his sons had also held the high priesthood and Caiaphas was his son-in-law.” (Barclay)

“There is a passage in the Talmud which says: ‘Woe to the house of Annas! Woe to their serpent’s hiss! They are High Priests; their sons are keepers of the treasury; their sons-in-law are guardians of the Temple; and their servants beat the people with staves.’ Annas and his household were notorious.” (Barclay)

In John 11:49-52, John records “this unknowing prophecy of Caiaphas.” John reminds us again in John 18:15 “to show that the judgment against Jesus was already decided. It would not be a fair trial. “Jesus might expect little from such a judge. Here was no idealist ready to see that justice was won, but a cynical politician who had already spoken in favor of Jesus’ death.” (Morris) Lesson 23 Day

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