John Lesson 18 Day 2

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John Lesson 18 Day 2

Study of John 13:31-35

3. a. Father and Son glorified

“Now is the Son of Man glorified”  (Surrounded by glory)

“God is glorified in him.” (God will be glorified by what happens to Jesus.)

“God will also glorify him in himself.”  (God will be glorified because Jesus is God.)

“and glorify him at once.” John 13:31-32 ESV  (His glorification will happen very soon.)

b. Meaning of Son of Man glorified

Presented before and led into the presence of the Ancient of Days.

The Son of Man was given everlasting dominion and glory and a kingdom that will not pass away nor be destroyed.

People of every nation, language and people group will worship him.

Jesus chose to focus on the joy of spending eternity with those of us who receive the salvation he provided by enduring such agony.

c. Glory, not as the world gives

“Jesus is looking to the cross as He speaks of glory. Origen employs the striking phrase ‘humble glory’ to express this idea of glory.” (Morris)(emphasis added)

“He calls his death his glory, esteems his crown of thorns more precious than Solomon’s diadem; looks upon his welts as spangles, his blows on the face as ingots, his wounds as gems, his spittings on as sweet ointment, his cross as his throne.” (Trapp)

Ways the world applies the word “glory” (

  • Achievement—The glory of a brilliant career.
  • Distinguished quality or asset—The glory of the city is its Gothic cathedral.
  • State of great gratification or exaltation—When she’s acting she’s in her glory.
  • Great beauty and splendor—The glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome.
  • To rejoice proudly—gloried in their great success

4. My little children

Strong’s 5040: A little child. Diminutive of teknon; an infant, i.e. darlings.

“This is the only place in the Gospels where Jesus addressed His disciples as little children. He didn’t mean it as an insult. He meant it with a sense of tenderness, care, and recognition of their present dependence and immaturity.” (Guzik) Emphasis added

This must have been an emotional moment on many levels.

  • Jesus tells them he is going somewhere that they cannot come.
  • This was the last time they would be together in this way.
  • Judas, one of his little children, was on his way to betray him.
  • Fear would grip Peter and cause him to deny Jesus.
  • The disciples were unprepared for his trial, beating, crucifixion, and death even though he tried to prepare them.
  • Jesus knew the humiliation and torture he would soon endure.

5. a. Command in John 13:34-35

The new commandment: “…you should love one another as I have loved you.”

Mark 12:31

“This is the second: ‘You shall [unselfishly] love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” (AMP)

Jesus quotes Leviticus 19:18 in this new commandment. So why is it new?

Our Lord answers this question, Even As I have loved you. Now Christ more than fulfilled the Mosaic precept; he not only loved his neighbor As himself, but he loved him More than himself, for he laid down his life for men. In this he calls upon the disciples to imitate him; to be ready on all occasions to lay down their lives for each other. This was, strictly, a new commandment: no system of morality ever prescribed any thing so pure and disinterested as this. Our blessed Lord has outdone all the moral systems in the universe in two words:

1. Love your enemies;

2. Lay down your lives for each other. (Adam Clarke)

Keep His commands.

Love and unselfishly seek the best for my [believing] brother.

Show compassion toward my brothers and sisters in Christ by sharing my resources with them.

If we keep His commands —

We will remain intimately at home in His love.

Our joy will be full.

We remain in the light—consistent fellowship with Christ.

1 John 3:18-20  When We Practice Real Love

My dear children, let’s not just talk about love; let’s practice real love. This is the only way we’ll know we’re living truly, living in God’s reality. It’s also the way to shut down debilitating self-criticism, even when there is something to it. For God is greater than our worried hearts and knows more about us than we do ourselves. (MSG)

b.  Where I need to practice love

I need to focus on the “as I have loved you” part of Jesus’ commandment. Jesus loves me. If I can deeply grasp His love for me, I won’t expect others to satisfy that need. Whose love can compare with His?

While trying to put the finishing touches on this post, my computer locked up. While it rebooted, I opened the kindle app on my phone and this is next passage in the book I’m reading:

You Are Loved Already

“More than anything else — more than the necessity of leaving the world and its cravings behind and more than even knowing and obeying Jesus’ commands — we need to know…we are loved by Jesus.

“You are far more preoccupied with your sins than God is—I guarantee it!” (Phil Drysdale)

So, neither should I be preoccupied with the sins of others.

My answers to BSF study questions on John 13:31-35 John Lesson 18 Day 2