John Lesson 17 Day 5

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John Lesson 17 Day 5

John 13:22-30

 “Sitting down [to teach], He called the twelve [disciples] and said to them, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be last of all [in importance] and a servant of all.”  Mark 9:35 (AMP)

13.  a. John 13:27,30

Jesus gave Judas the opportunity to repent. Judas may have wondered if someone told Jesus about the deal he made with the chief priests. It seems none of the disciples suspected a thing. Somehow, Judas managed to hide what was in his heart.

If Jesus wanted to stop Judas, He could have exposed the plan to the other disciples. Judas did not repent nor did he change his mind. At the moment Judas reaffirmed his resolve, Satan entered into him. He leaves, going out into the night, possessed by Satan himself, to complete his work of darkness. What a scary thought! I’m amazed the disciples remained oblivious to this.

b. Jesus could have stopped Judas from betraying him.

Judas’ greed and willingness to betray Jesus opened him to Satan himself. Satan wanted Jesus dead and succeeded, temporarily. Destroying Judas in the process was a bonus.

Romans 1:28 and Romans 1:18

14.  After Jesus’ death and resurrection

I can only imagine the mental, spiritual, and emotional process the disciples and close friends of Jesus went through in the days following His death, burial, and resurrection.  The emotional roller coaster alone would leave me exhausted and asking, “What just happened?”

Peter surely remembered the fear that led him to deny Jesus three times, just as He predicted. The shame now a painful memory. But unlike Judas, Peter repented and wept bitterly.

And there were all those prophecies Jesus told them about. They surely compared notes as they sat around behind closed doors wondering if the Pharisees would come for them next. And while waiting for the Comforter Jesus promised to send.

At a time like this, I think it’s easy to love and serve each other. They lost one of their own, Judas, and their Teacher ascended to heaven before their eyes. It was time to put into practice all that He taught them.

When the Holy Spirit fell on them, all the pieces came together. Fear was a thing of the past. Baptized in love and empowered with zeal they spilled into the streets and preached the Gospel.


15.  John 13:1-30

Learned: I was so convicted when I read this quote yesterday: “It is the love we put into our actions that matters, not the magnitude of our actions. It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into it.” Mother Teresa

I have always focused on Jesus’ humility and act of service when He washed the disciples’ feet. I’m willing to serve others, but how much love do I put into it? How much love do I put into worship?

Prayer: Father, may I serve and worship You and others with love. Not out of sacrifice, but motivated by love. May I be a true disciple—One who looks like You.

My answers to BSF study questions on John Lesson 17 Day 5 ~ John 13:22-30