John Lesson 16 Day 5

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John Lesson 16 Day 5

The unbelief of the Crowd

John 12:37-50

15. a. John 12:37-40

Jesus performed so many signs and wonders right before everyone’s eyes. Yet the Jewish leaders and some others still did not believe.

They had hard hearts and stuck stubbornly to their decision to reject Jesus. Their eyes were blinded to the truth.

b. Warnings in John 12:38, 40; Isaiah 53:1; Isaiah 6:10

The Lord told Isaiah to warn the people about their stubborn rejection of the word of God.

“who has believed our message? To whom has the the Lord revealed his powerful arm?” Isaiah 53:1

God revealed Jesus through the working of miraculous signs and wonders.

He issued the order to harden their hearts so they could not understand, and to plug their ears so they would not hear, so they would not turn to Him for healing. Isaiah 6:10

Isaiah correctly prophesied that the Messiah would face this kind of reception. Even though these Jewish leaders were scholars of the law and the prophets, their eyes were blinded to how perfectly Jesus fulfilled Messianic prophecies. They remained unteachable and that continues for most until this day.

16. a. John 12:42-43

Many people who did believe Jesus was the Messiah, even some of the Jewish leaders, would not admit it because they were so afraid the Pharisees would permanently expel them from the synagogue.”. . . they loved human praise more than the praise of God.” John 12:43 NLT

b. Fear of man

This was more than people pleasing. The religious leaders used their power and position to intimidate, control and manipulate people who believed.

Choosing to follow Jesus would cost them the right to participate in the mandatory feasts. In addition, they would suffer rejection and persecution.

The religious and people pleasers often criticized Jesus for hanging out with the “rejected and unfit,” so Jesus followers would also lose status.

Today, more than any time in my life, the pressure to be quiet about Jesus and the Truth in God’s Word is real. I must daily remember the commitment I made sixty years ago from the lyrics of an old song, “I have decided to follow Jesus . . . no turning back.”

17. John 12:44-50 Jesus’ final public teaching

“Jesus shouted out passionately [and persistently]*, ‘To believe in me is to also believe in God who sent me.'”  John 12:44 TPT  *(Tasker)

It was unusual for Jesus to shout like this.

  • He emphasized his oneness with the Father.
  • Came as light (truth) to shine in the dark world.
  • He always spoke the truth saying that man needs to follow him or otherwise wander in darkness.
  • “I did not come to judge the world but to save the world.
  • His message of truth will be the judge on the Day of Judgment.
  • The Father sent, authorized and instructed Jesus what to speak.
  • God’s commands result in eternal life, so that was the reason Jesus spoke the very words the Father gave him.

Day 6

18. John 12

Jesus’ death and resurrection produced a harvest. The fruit He produces will be like Him—fruit that appeals to those whose hearts are open.

Jesus practiced what He preached. He laid down His life. He does not ask us to do anything He was unwilling to do.


I pray that I will be more like YOU, Lord. Love what You love, and hate what You hate.

Know the truth when I see it and hear it, then stand for truth.

Continue to lay down my life and have a better attitude about it, trusting YOU are able to bring forth good fruit even when it looks impossible. Amen

My answers to BSF Bible study questions on John Lesson 16 Day 5 John 12: 37-50