John Lesson 11 Day 3

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John Lesson 11 Day 3

John 7:14-24

Jesus is opposed at the Temple

5. The Jews were astonished.

“How is it that this Man has learning [is so versed in the sacred Scriptures and in theology] when He has never studied?” John 7:15 AMPC

Unlike Paul who studied under Gamaliel (Acts 22:3), Jesus had no formal training nor been a disciple of a prominent rabbi.

The Jews did not condemn Jesus for wrong interpretation or lack of understanding. They condemned him for his lack of credentials.

“If they could have condemned Jesus on some false doctrine or wrong understanding of Scripture, they would have. Since they could not, they attack the credentials of Jesus. “These words are spoken in the true bigotry and prejudice of so-called ‘learning.’” (Alford)

6. a. Jesus points to his doctrine and source.

Jesus reveals that his source is the One who sent him. He did not “claim to be self-taught; He claimed to be God-taught, practically inviting his listeners to examine his teachings according to the Scriptures.” (Guzik)

b. Jesus challenges His listeners John 7:17-19

“Spiritual understanding is not produced solely by learning facts or procedures, but rather it depends on obedience to known truth.” (Tenney)

Jesus poses the contrast between himself and the Jewish leaders. Jesus seeks to glorify God . The other teachers seek to glorify themselves. They impress their listeners by speaking from their own minds, trying to sound brilliant, educated, and eloquent.

Two measures of a true teacher:*

  • Does the teaching come from God? That is, is it according to the revealed Word of God?
  • Does the work give glory to God?


7. a. Why do you seek to kill me?

John 5:1-15

“According to the Law of Moses, a baby boy had to be circumcised on the eighth day, even if it was a Sabbath. It was, therefore, outrageous for the Jews to accuse Jesus of violating the Sabbath by performing a miraculous act of healing.” Footnote on John 7:23 AMP

John 7:22-24 Jesus

Jesus challenges them to think about this: “Why are you angry with me for making a man’s whole body well on the Sabbath?” John 7:23 AMP

“Be honest in your judgment and do not decide at a glance (superficially and by appearances)” John 7:24 AMPC

“Judge fairly and righteously.” John 7:24 AMPC

b. Outward appearance

When Jesus said, “None of you keeps the law,” he is saying he himself is without sin; righteous. “They [the Jewish leaders] decided that Jesus appeared to be a sinner, and they appeared to be righteous.” (Guzik)

1 Samuel 16:7 “For the Lord sees not as a man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” AMPC

Based on sayings like Malachi 3:1 which says that God’s messenger will come suddenly to the temple, popular belief “held that the Messiah would appear. The idea was that he was waiting concealed and some day would burst suddenly upon the world and no one would know where he had come from.” (Barclay)

Personal application

It is important to ask Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about someone before jumping to a conclusion based on what I see or feel about them. That could also apply to a song. The words and melody may be pleasing to the ear and stir my emotions but be theologically incorrect.

My dad assessed people based how they did or did not dress. Do I also do that? God may speak to me through a person very different from my background. Or through a child, a donkey, or a burning bush. I want Him to speak to me, so I must be willing and sensitive enough to receive however He chooses.

I also need to take to heart Jesus’ words about the source of what I write. Am I hearing and writing from God’s heart or my own? Am I trying to impress others or am I humbling myself before God?

This is a good time to remind readers that I am a Bible student. I often wince as I reread my previous answers from the first time I went through a particular BSF class. I hope that my thoughts and understanding are lining up with God’s thoughts so that my old way of thinking doesn’t take center stage.

My answers to BSF Bible study questions on John Lesson 11 Day 3 ~ John 7:14-24