Hedge of Protection

A friend’s testimony of supernatural protection

I was really blessed by a surprise after a recent Tuesday evening outpouring service. I arrived late and had pondered during the drive there how quickly a threat had appeared to my family and Christian friends. All of us were now under attack from one of my neighbors who I learned was heavily involved in the occult.

Because of the ferocity and unnatural turn of events, it was easy to spot as a spiritual attack, and how Satan was trying to drag me into the fray. I had prayed over all this for days, and it was on my mind that Tuesday night.

One of the men of the church came over during the soaking/ministry time at the end to pray over me in tongues. Ah. How can you describe being on the receiving end of ministry? Impossible. I thanked him and said, “Let me tell you the situation that you’re praying for,” and summarized the issue. So he then prayed for covering, protection, and strength against the enemy, and specifically for a boundary of protection on my property lines that would protect not just me, but my husband, pets and property, and for discernment and authority for the other Christian folks to also see through the attack and respond appropriately.


Later that evening, my mind was wandering when I drove up to my home. But as I entered the driveway, I felt immediately like I had just driven through a thick, very dense section in the air. It immediately caught my attention, and my first thought was, “what was that?!” Yet not a half-second later, a prompting came, “That’s for you, your protective boundary, remember his prayer?”

Wow. All I could say is, that’s some protection! I could mark for you the defining edges of my driveway – maybe fifteen feet thick – of a very dense, heavy feel in the air, almost tangible, full of love. It so blessed me that night, right then, with a flood of His love over me and the situation, I hit the brakes right after driving through it. I sat slumped in the seat for a long time.

I’m so grateful for that love, so thankful for His ever-presence, and that He would give me such a gift as reminding me so practically of His protection and care. It whacked me out! It still does as I’m writing this a week and a half later. This evening, as I was taking the garbage can out to the end of the driveway, I wondered if I could still feel it (I hadn’t really noticed it since – either in daily errands or mowing). As I stood where I remembered it was, I felt a deluge of peace and care, all rolled together.

Ah! He’s so good. He’s so good to show us this immense love for us.